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The School of Management, IILM University, Greater Noida is one of the top business schools in Greater Noida which is technology and multi-disciplinary focussed. The School of Management prides itself in developing competent and impact-oriented managers and leaders whose actions reflect responsibility towards business and society. The contemporary business environment is characterised by dynamism, complexity and uncertainty, which requires informed, inclusive and quick decision making. The BBA and MBA curriculum in the School of Management is designed in close consultation with the industry and benchmarked against the best Indian and Global business schools. Our focus is balanced between the interest of students, needs of the industry and expectations of the society. At the School of Management, we are passionate about developing individuals with an entrepreneurial and agile mindset, resilience and responsiveness to drive business growth and societal development.

Pillars of the School of Management

The School of Management provides to its BBA and MBA students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop skill sets beyond the realm of their chosen domain of qualification. Our students can pursue a range of exploratory courses offered by our School of Engineering, Computer Science, Law and Liberal Arts alongside their core Business and Management courses. This allows our students to develop a holistic mindset, a niche skill set, and embark on a unique career pathway.

The School of Management curriculum imbibes into the students an empathetic and emotionally intelligent attitude. Elements of Sustainability, Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Responsibility are reflected in our curriculum and extra-curricular activities wherein our students are exposed to matter of societal importance via projects, field visits and special workshops. Our students are trained to develop a ‘stakeholder view’ of the organization via our Responsible Citizenship Project module.

Our students are encouraged to become curious, question existing knowledge and norms and work towards continuous improvement. This mindset is inculcated into our students by exposing them to incubation activities via our StartUP challenge, wherein all students are encouraged to develop ideas that solve business and societal issues. The Management students collaborate with engineering students to develop prototypes, business plans and solutions that can create monetary and societal value. The aim is not simply ‘start-up’ but rather demonstrate Intrapreneurship in corporate sector by unlocking new value in organizations in a collaborative manner. The Consulting Challenge on the other hand allows students to work with real businesses on their issues and provide innovative solutions.


BBA (Hons.) - General (Finance / HR / Marketing)


Explore global business in our 3 to 4-year BBA program at IILM University. Tailor your education with specializations in HR, Finance, or Marketing, featuring cross-listed electives and a flexible curriculum.

BBA (Hons.) - Artificial Intelligence


Delve into the realm of Artificial Intelligence with our 3 to 4-year BBA program, featuring innovative teaching, cross-listed electives, and specializations such as Machine Learning, Big Data, NLP, and Design Thinking.

BBA (Hons.) - Banking and Finance


Dive into the intricacies of banking and finance through our BBA program, featuring innovative teaching, diverse electives, and specializations in Banking Operations, Risk Management, Investment Banking, Financial Markets, and Corporate Finance.

BBA (Hons.) – Management of Technology


Embark on a 3 to 4-year BBA program at IILM University, specializing in Management of Technology. Explore innovative teaching, cross-listed electives, and choose specializations like Technology Strategy and Fintech.

BBA (Hons.) – Entrepreneurship


Embark on an entrepreneurial journey in our 3 to 4-year BBA program at IILM University, featuring innovative teaching, cross-listed electives, and specializations in Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and Venture Capital.

BBA (Hons.) – International Business


Embark on a global business odyssey with our 3 to 4-year BBA program at IILM University, offering innovative teaching, cross-listed electives, and specializations in International Marketing, Global Supply Chain Management, and more.

MBA in Management Technology


Elevate your career with our MBA in Management Technology, tailored for STEM-background students. Gain a competitive edge by integrating technology and management, specializing in Web 3.0, Data Science, or Artificial Intelligence.



Transform your career with our MBA program, developing competent leaders. Customize your experience with cutting-edge electives and specializations in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Technology, HR Management, Marketing, Manufacturing Management, or Artificial Intelligence.

BBA (Hons.) – Business Analytics


Embark on a 3 to 4-year BBA program at IILM University, specializing in Business Analytics. Experience innovative teaching, cross-listed electives, and choose specializations like Predictive Analytics, HR Analytics, and Supply Chain Analytics


To emerge as a world class Management School with an aim to develop technologically competent, purposeful Managers and Leaders for an inclusive and sustainable development of Business and Society.


  • To ensure our students develop as delivery ready professionals in terms of knowledge, skills and professional abilities to make a meaningful impact within organizations.
  • To foster a culture of technological competence and an entrepreneurial mindset among students by leveraging experiential and multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for students.
  • To collaborate with and integrate corporate and societal stakeholders, to ensure that the curriculum and school activities are aligned with the current and future needs of the industry and society.
  • To create an inclusive, diverse and supportive cultural environment oriented towards the well-being and continuous professional development of faculty and students.

Experiential Learning at IILM School of Management

Immerse in hands-on learning with our exemplary programs:

StartUP Challenge:

  • Pursue entrepreneurial dreams with faculty and entrepreneur mentorship.
  • Work in the on-campus incubator, shaping ideas into revenue-generating businesses.

CXO Series:

  • Monthly sessions with top business leaders provide insights into their journeys and industry trends.
  • Industry expert-led sessions in each MBA course bridge academia and industry knowledge gaps.

Responsible Citizenship Project (RCP):

  • Develop responsible leadership skills by addressing societal issues.
  • Apply concepts like Stakeholder capitalism, ESG, and Sustainability in rural areas through field trips and projects.

Alumni Mentorship Program:

  • Dedicated alumni support guides students in career progression and corporate life.
  • Learn how to navigate pressures and expectations in a management school from alumni role models.

Personal Growth Lab (PGL):

  • Workshops on Managing Self, Personal Branding, and Individual Growth Plan development.
  • Enhance mental competencies for effective corporate life management.

Industry and Domain Specific Certifications

Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt – KPMG (offered to all students)

Six Sigma is one of the most robust methodologies of superior performance. The Six Sigma Green Belt program orients participants in using data to draw business conclusions, analyse current trends and metrics for their practical use, conduct depth cause analysis and innovate for performance improvement. The program focusses on optimizing business for Digital Transformation and improving competencies of individuals to contribute towards organizational success through appropriate differentiation and gain business acumen while learning to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

SAS Institute approved certifications in Data Science and Analytics (offered as a part of Business Analytics specialisation pathway)

Analytics jobs rose 29% in the last year. According to Forbes, 79% of executives say companies must embrace big data. Developing analytics skills can lead to opening doors for more job opportunities. As an IILM partner, SAS informs curriculum development in Data Science and trains our students via our faculty to earn the necessary skills and certifications in Data Science.

*Please note all certifications are to be achieved by clearing assessments of the relevant delivery body.


  • Learnture Venture Pvt Ltd (Board Infinity)
  • IIM Sambalpur
  • Cesim India Private Limited
  • IBM India Private Limited (IBM)
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Infosys Springboard
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