IILM believes and has a very strong culture in building and sustaining relationships with students and thus has a very good connect with the Alma Matter because they Matter! In 2018, IILM celebrated the annual Alumni Meet in February along with 25th Year Celebrations of IILM! IILM´s is proud to have a rich repository of more than 15000+ alumni who are well placed all across the globe and leaders in diverse fields of endeavour! From time to time, these precious Alumni visit the campus and give priceless guidance to the current students with latest trends in the industry and job markets! This further serves to strengthen the placement body of IILM leading to many pre-placement offers even before students finish their course! This kind of strong Alma Connect is unprecedented and hard to match!.

Distinguished Alumni
Meet proud IILM Alumni who have made a mark! IILM recognizes them for their outstanding achievements in their chosen field, created an impact and making IILM proud!
15,000+ Well Placed Alumni

Alumni are a very important resource of any university and at IILM we are proud to have a huge network of over 15000 alumni who are well placed at various capacities across industries both domestically and abroad. They have risen to high ranks and hold excellent positions in reputed companies.

We strive to engage with our alumni in various ways. They are invited to interact with students to motivate them about careers or to deliver guest lectures on topics of their expertise. They are consulted with regards to suggestions of industry specific workshops to hone our students´ skills. They also become alumni mentors to our students, thus providing them with first-hand knowledge and experienced advice along with a platform for networking. They are invited to sit on panels to conduct SIP viva and/or judge SIP report and become a part of our Board of Governors. We also maintain relationships with them by organizing annual meets on campus.

IILM Alumni

IILM Alumni Network
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