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IILM University follows the concept of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education , instilling a sense of purpose in life. The University provides its students a robust academic framework, technology and strong skill base to help become an educated, sensitive and successful citizen of the 21st century.

School of Management

School of Management


Financial Technology
Business Analytics
Marketing & Innovation
Human Resource Management


School of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Computer Science and Engineering

B. Tech. | M. tech.
Computer Science Engineering
Information Technology
Robotics & AI
Food Technology

School of Humanities

School of Humanities

BA (Hons) | MA

Social Sciences & Liberal Arts
Journalism, Media & Communication


School of Law

School of Law


B. Tech Specializations

This specialization provides you with a sound knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, principles, and programming languages along with deep learning practices and computer vision tools and techniques to develop applications in scientific and engineering domains.
B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Data Science and Big Data Analytics provide a better understanding of the data science, Analytics & Big Data with the in-depth foundation of a data-driven future and train toward the skilled data scientist in the field of computer science. It develops an ability to analyze complex engineering problems and generate solutions through computing. The specialization program provides and impart knowledge on techniques and theories related to Big Data which includes statistics, data mining, data warehousing, and data visualization. The Programme enables the student to develop and deploy their skills to achieve scientific techniques to work in real-world business and solve the problems concerning massive amounts of data in Business handling. The core of the program is to provide all the necessary tools to analyze and process big data in information generating systems and transform the students into knowledgeable professionals.
The B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber security is a full-time four year (eight semesters) that is intended to mould students into well prepared cyber security professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of cyber-crime, network security, and threat intelligence, and Cryptography. The specialization focus of the program is on data protection and smart contract enforcement mechanisms. This field is quickly transforming from a niche to a necessity in any organization. Students in the B.Tech program can begin their careers in this fast-paced industry.
Cloud Technology is an emerging technology that delivers computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more over the Internet “The Cloud”. Due to the exponential growth of the Internet, many companies are finding it beneficial to buy computing services rather than managing them on their own. The specialization program provides a core and advanced in-depth learning of cloud computing and Virtualization, their principles, modeling, analysis, design, deployment, and industry-oriented applications. The program provides a way to centralize the setup, implementation, maintenance, and management of integrated computation services to individual and corporate end-users. Many Business and IT companies want to get rid of the complex data management and storing issues. Cloud Computing provides a way to handle the data by managing big data, information security as well as quality management.
Specialization in blockchain technology introduces blockchain and cryptocurrencies and benefits to industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, real estate, and software. This course has been developed to give students practical and theoretical knowledge of information security issues in various industry sectors and help them develop secure applications with an in-depth understanding of blockchain concepts.
Graphics and Gaming cover all the traditional computer science subjects (DBMS, OS, Networks, Data Structures, Java, etc.) and domain-oriented subjects (3D Modeling, Animation, Game development). This course gives a complete overview of how graphics are created or a game is developed.
IoT is an emerging technology that will help students learn concepts such as IoT and its architecture, various applications, principles of electronics, electrical and physics, and their practical implementation using Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards. Further, the students are exposed to wireless sensor networks and how these smart networks can be created and managed.
This specialization course provides the knowledge of creating and programming intelligent machines that can work and react like human beings. AI &ML deals with the creation of Robots and other machines with features that attempt to recreate human tendencies like voice and speech recognition, planning, and problem-solving techniques. The specialization course provides students with opportunities to solve real-life problems in different application domains and develops an ability to analyze complex engineering problems and generate solutions through computing them. It also gives you exposure to principles and practices of the design and development of computing systems. The graduates will apply the knowledge of science, mathematics, and computer science and engineering to identify and solve complex engineering problems across a broad range of application areas.
An IT infrastructure is the backbone of any business that uses IT as a service to run their business. An IT infrastructure works with a combination of three components: hardware, software, and networking. This course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of OS Management, Cloud Management, Virtualization Management, IT Operation Management, Configuration Management, and many more.
Drone technology has come a long way since its inception, evolving from simple remote-controlled aircraft to sophisticated autonomous machines. Today, drones are equipped with advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, enabling them to perform complex tasks and adapt to their environment. Advancements in AI algorithms, sensor technology, and energy storage will enable drones to become more intelligent, versatile, and efficient. Swarm Intelligence, Human Drone Interaction, Advanced robotics will be the future of coming technological era.
The Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Technology specialization in B.Tech in Robotics and AI prepares students for the future of sustainable transportation. This interdisciplinary program covers vehicle dynamics, power electronics, energy storage, sensor fusion, control algorithms, and electric vehicle design. Students will learn about LIDAR, RADAR, computer vision, battery management, and charging infrastructure. Graduates will be well-equipped to pursue careers in the automotive industry, revolutionizing transportation with autonomous and electric vehicles. Join this program to innovate in mobility and contribute to a greener, more efficient future.
The IoT specialization in B.Tech in Robotics & AI focuses on the integration of smart devices and sensors within robotic systems, enabling seamless communication and data exchange. This interdisciplinary field combines computer science, electronics, and communication engineering to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with the physical world. Students will learn about IoT protocols, embedded systems, wireless communication, and data analytics. They will also gain hands-on experience in designing and implementing IoT-enabled robotic systems for various applications, such as smart homes, healthcare, and industrial automation. This specialization prepares graduates for a future where robotics and IoT technologies will be ubiquitous, revolutionizing industries and improving our daily lives.
Computational Biology is a field of biological study concerned with solving complex biology and medical issues/problems through computational and mathematical methods. It is a trending course for those with dual interest in biological sciences, vaccine technology, and computer science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis. The course will develop undergraduates with diverse avenues to make a career with skills and technology in fields like Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Algorithm & Software development, Clinical Pharmacology, Next Generation Sequencing, and Computer Aided Drug Designing etc.
Industrial biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that offers far-reaching benefits at both the national and international level. This specialization enables students to develop future-ready skills by equipping them with hands-on-approach along with theoretical knowledge that will improve their employability quotient. Industrial Biotechnology uses enzymes and microbes to manufacture biobased products in various areas such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture chemicals, textile, paper, food etc. Students will also be able to pursue their career in healthcare, medicine, Bioremediation, resource conservation etc.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two entwined subjects wherein the former grants the machine the capacity to recreate the human way of behaving while the latter helps with learning the examples with the assistance of past information. This specialization primarily focuses on the development of smart graduates with technology that can mimic cognitive processes to understand, predict, analyze and perform the given tasks with precision. This program encompasses a research-driven innovative curriculum synced with industry expectations and spearheads the advancement and novel developments in different application areas and promotion of advanced research and education in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Graduates will be able to work in various reputed organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, Thermo-Fischer Scientific, Netflix, Atkins, Accenture, Bosch Group, Intel Technology, and Google as Machine Learning developer, Big Data & AI Scientist, Computational Biologist, and Pharmacogenomics Scientist etc.
Packaging is essential to retain quality of food products by providing protection from environmental, chemical, and physical challenges. It enhances product shelf life by providing barriers to moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases. This specialization will make the students explore the latest technologies, advances and challenges in packaging industries.
This specialization emphasizes on physical, enzymatic, and microbial transformation to prolong the shelf life of pasteurized milk, cheese, fermented foods, butter, milk powders, protein products and nutritional formulations. It will also offer intensive training in reputed organizations on engineering aspects of food processing operations, equipment and quality control.

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A Research Driven University


Knowledge creation, assimilation and dissemination are key research objectives at IILM. Research and publication at IILM, focus on the direct integration of research, into the teaching-learning process. Towards this IILM tries to nurture, inculcate and develop a vibrant research culture in various functional areas. IILM provides an excellent opportunity for Research, Consultancy and Training. Research at IILM is encouraged in all spheres viz., action research, applied research and industry-focussed research.


IILM university faculties take up consulting assignments for international and national agencies, government, non-government and corporate bodies with the objective of improving the contemporary management practices and initiating change interventions. The consultancy work also involves the preparation of project proposals, monitoring mechanisms, baseline and end-line surveys, project evaluations, impact assessment, and documentation for project formulation and policy issues.

Case Development

Case writing helps in generating and promoting knowledge, and developing new and innovative ideas in academics, especially in response to the constantly changing business environment. IILM University, Greater Noida has earmarked substantial funds to develop case studies in functional and general management areas. The consultancy and research assignments undertaken by the Institute offer opportunities for case development which, in turn, enriches the classroom teaching.


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