B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

Department of Computing and Security

B. Tech CSE - Cloud Computing


  • Principles of Virtualization
  • Cloud computing Concepts
  • Cloud scripting using PaaS
  • Cloud Architectural Patterns
  • Cloud Security

B. Tech CSE - Cyber Security


  • Information Security Fundamentals
  • Information Security Governance
  • IT System security & Physical security
  • Application and Data security
  • Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

B. Tech CSE - IoT


  • Introduction to IoT
  • Introduction to Sensor technologies
  • IoT architecture, standards & Protocols
  • Big data analytics for IoT applications
  • IoT software Aurdino

B. Tech CSE - Block Chain


  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Implementation of Blockchain using Hyperledger
  • Blockchain for Business
  • Smart Contracts using Hyperledger

Department of Machine Learning and Data Science

B. Tech CSE - AI & ML in collaboration with IBM Innovation Centre for Education (ICE)


  • Python Programming
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
  • Pattern Recognition and Anomaly Detection
  • Application of Machine Learning in Industries

B. Tech CSE - Data Science and Big Data Analytics


  • Data Science fundamentals
  • Introduction to big data tools and technique
  • Big data Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Handling & Visualization tools, Data Handling & Visualization tools lab

B. Tech CSE - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


  • AI Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Applications of ML in Industry
  • Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Processing lab

Department of Computer Applications

B. Tech – CSE with specialization in Graphics & Gaming


  • Introduction to Graphics and Animation Tools using Open Source
  • Introduction to UI/UX
  • Introduction to Game Programming
  • Dynamic Paradigm in Graphics and Gaming
  • Web Programming for Graphics & Gaming (HTML 5 & web GL)

B. Tech – CSE with specialization in Full Stack Development – L & T


  • Python / Java Foundation
  • Full Stack Foundation (Java)
  • Front end UI / UX development
  • Server-side development and database
  • Backend frameworks and API
  • Advanced JavaScript framework (Angular / React)
  • Testing and deployment

B. Tech CSE with specialization in iOS Mobile Application with ML & AR


  • Basic Architecture Of Mac OS X
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Web Designing & Development
  • iOS Fundamentals & Swift Programming Language
  • Mobile Application Development with Xcode
  • UI Designing with SwiftUI
  • Machine Learning and Augmented Reality
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