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About The Programme

The B.Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Full Stack Development, offered by the Department of Computer Application within the School of Computer Science and Engineering in partnership with L & T, provides a forward-thinking educational journey aimed at nurturing skilled and adaptable professionals in the field of Full Stack Development. This comprehensive four-year curriculum has been thoughtfully crafted to empower students with a well-rounded skill set, covering both front-end and back-end development.

Over the course of the program, students will explore a diverse array of subjects. They will initiate their studies with foundational courses in computer science and programming, laying the groundwork for more advanced modules that delve into web development and AI fundamentals. As the program progresses, students will dive deeper into specialized areas such as Python/Java Foundation, Front-end UI/UX, Angular/React, and Backend frameworks with APIs, providing them with the expertise necessary for creating sophisticated full stack applications. A pivotal aspect of this program lies in its strong emphasis on practical learning experiences. Through hands-on projects and exposure to the industry, students will acquire real-world skills, enabling them to seamlessly apply software engineering principles. By cultivating a comprehensive understanding of the development lifecycle, the program ensures that graduates stay ahead of technological advancements, well-prepared to leverage the numerous opportunities within the field of Full Stack Development.

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What Sets B.Tech at IILM University Apart?

The B.Tech-CSE program with a specialization in Full Stack Development at L & T stands out for its industry collaboration, comprehensive curriculum, practical learning focus, innovative elective options, strong foundational education, attention to the development lifecycle, and commitment to cutting-edge technology integration. These features collectively contribute to a well-rounded and industry-relevant educational experience for aspiring professionals in Full Stack Development. This program distinguishes itself through several key features that set it apart in the educational landscape:
Industry Collaboration with L & T: The collaboration with L & T brings real-world industry insights and perspectives into the program. Students benefit from exposure to current industry practices, guest lectures, and potential internship opportunities with a renowned company, enhancing their understanding of practical applications in Full Stack Development.
Comprehensive Full Stack Curriculum: The program offers a comprehensive and meticulously designed curriculum spanning four years. It covers both front-end and back-end development, ensuring that students acquire a holistic skill set. Specialized courses in Python/Java Foundation, Front-end UI/UX, Angular/React, and Backend frameworks with APIs provide in-depth knowledge of full stack technologies.
Practical Learning Emphasis: The program places a strong emphasis on practical learning experiences. Through hands-on projects and industry exposure, students gain real-world skills that enable them to seamlessly apply software engineering principles. This practical approach enhances their readiness for the challenges of Full Stack Development in a professional setting.
Innovative Elective Courses: The inclusion of innovative elective courses allows students to tailor their education based on personal interests and emerging industry trends. This flexibility ensures that graduates are well-prepared for diverse career paths within the broader realm of computer science and technology.
Strong Foundation in Computer Science: The program begins with foundational courses in computer science and programming, ensuring that students build a strong base before delving into specialized areas. This approach enables a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles that form the basis of Full Stack Development.
Emphasis on Development Lifecycle: By focusing on the entire development lifecycle, from conception to deployment, the program ensures that graduates possess a holistic understanding of the software development process. This prepares them to navigate complex projects and adapt to evolving industry standards.
Cutting-Edge Education and Technology Integration: The program stands as a beacon of cutting-edge education, incorporating the latest advancements in Full Stack Development. Students are exposed to emerging technologies and industry best practices, keeping them abreast of the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Passed 10+2 examination with Physics & Mathematics AND one of the subjects from the following:
Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Electronics/ Information Technology/ Biology / Informatics Practices/ Biotechnology/ Technical Vocational subject/ Agriculture/ Engineering Graphics/ Business Studies/ Entrepreneurship.
Aggregate of Physics, Chemistry and Maths must be >=50%. (45% for SC/ST/ Reserve candidates)
In addition to this, the applicant must have qualified at least one engineering entrance examination like CET 2023/JEE 2023 /Other State or National Level Engineering Entrance Exam of 2023 / PERA 2023 / CUET 2023 or Entrance Test Conducted by IILM University, Greater Noida
Candidates are selected based on entrance test score and on merit.

The B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Full Stack Development, offered in collaboration with L & T over a four-year duration, is meticulously designed to provide students with a comprehensive and industry-relevant education. Students establish a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming, alongside engineering graphics and communication skills. Moving into the curriculum intensifies with a focus on Discrete Mathematical Structures, Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Computer Organization and Architecture, and Operating Systems with Linux Shell Scripting. Additionally, the inclusion of subjects like Environmental Studies and Technical Writing and Communication Skills ensures a well-rounded education. The specialization in Full Stack Development becomes prominent. Students engage in courses such as Full Stack Development – Node.js and Express.js, Database Systems covering both SQL and NoSQL databases, Cybersecurity, and Mobile App Development with platforms like React Native or Flutter. The curriculum also includes Advanced Front-end and Back-end Development technologies, further refining their expertise in creating sophisticated full stack applications.

  • Python / Java Foundation
  • Full Stack Foundation (Java)
  • Front end UI / UX development
  • Server-side development and database
  • Backend frameworks and API
  • Advanced JavaScript framework (Angular / React)
  • Testing and deployment

Graduates of the B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Full Stack Development from L & T can explore a diverse range of rewarding career opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of technology. The comprehensive curriculum and practical experience gained during the program equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various roles within the IT industry. Here are some potential career paths for graduates:

  • Full Stack Developer: Graduates can pursue roles as Full Stack Developers, responsible for both front-end and back-end development. They design and implement web applications, ensuring seamless functionality and an optimal user experience.
  • Web Developer: Specializing in web development, graduates can work as Web Developers, focusing on creating and maintaining websites. They may work on front-end technologies, back-end development, or both, depending on their preferences and skills.
  • Software Engineer: The strong foundation in computer science and software engineering principles prepares graduates for roles as Software Engineers. They may work on the development of various software applications, including desktop and mobile applications.
  • Mobile App Developer: With expertise in mobile app development gained during the program, graduates can pursue careers as Mobile App Developers. They design, develop, and maintain applications for mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android.
  • DevOps Engineer: Graduates can explore roles as DevOps Engineers, focusing on the integration of development and operations. They work to streamline the software development lifecycle, improve deployment processes, and enhance collaboration between development and IT operations.
  • Entrepreneurship and Startups: Armed with a strong foundation in Full Stack Development and an understanding of the business side of technology, graduates may choose to start their own ventures. They can become entrepreneurs, launching startups or tech companies.
  • Data Analyst or Data Scientist: With the rise of data-driven decision-making, graduates can explore roles in data analysis or data science. They analyze and interpret data to provide valuable insights for businesses.
  • AI/Machine Learning Engineer: For those interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, graduates can pursue roles as AI or Machine Learning Engineers, working on the development and implementation of intelligent systems.

The diverse skill set acquired through the specialized program at L & T positions graduates for success in a wide array of industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and technology consulting. Continuous learning and staying updated on emerging technologies will further enhance career growth and open up new opportunities in this dynamic field.

Admissions Open for 2024
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