Vision: To give to the nation a Globally Acclaimed and Preferred Institution for Learning the Law and promotion of cutting edge research in law in Indian and Global Context.
Mission: School of Law is to envision the niceties of the province of law and produce skillfully excellent law functionaries and professionals, necessary for better deliverance from justice system, legislative bodies and executive agencies to the utmost satisfaction of the people of India and beyond.

Courses offered

  • BA.LL.B. (H). (Five Year Integrated Course)
  • BA Legal Studies (Three Year Program)
  • LL.M. in Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Law, International and Human Rights Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law,
  • Ph.D. in Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Law, International and Human Rights Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law, and Law-Policy and Governance.

Quality Standards

  • Course Outcome Based Teaching and Training-leading to Internship and Placements
  • Multidisciplinary approach and experiential learning towards legal studies to develop greater synergy between classroom, profession and other conventional and non-conventional/alternative areas of legal action.
  • Continuous rendezvous with innovative approaches towards legal education, training and legal processes through higher capacity building in faculty and access to advanced learning opportunities.
  • Impactful advocacy, communication and research skills through practical training and engagement with the industry, community and the state.
  • Ethical orientations with processes and practice of law in the professional, social and economic arenas of life.
  • Vibrant add on courses for augmenting competiveness and the capacity to undertake consultancies and projects with state, national and international agencies, industry etc.

IILM University School of Law carries out legal studies in the rare ambience of faculties of humanities, engineering, management, emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence. Its faculty is selected prescribing higher qualification than the usual with professional and research experiences.
Special Features

  1. An open airy location with delightful sentinel building in the vicinity of faculties of technology, management and humanities making interactions most easy and probable;
  2. Comforting and technically well equipped class rooms, reading rooms, common rooms
  3. An automated library and a Language lab
  4. Moot court with E-Facilities along with mediation and arbitration experiential centres
  5. Space for social outreach and industrial relations corridor
  6. Health care, counseling, entertainment, cultural and Hygienic facilities
  7. Seminar Hall/Auditorium

Student care

  1. A well concerned Mentor-Mentee Programme
  2. A Teacher-Parent Constant Consultations
  3. Personality Development Activities

Talent and Skill development

  1. Teaching through Problematic–Case studies, interactions and advanced lecture methods by trained and sincere faculties supported by experts in the field to build better educational foundation in students
  2. Student choice for monitored self learning opportunities in various courses and initiatives to strengthen his decision making and confidence
  3. Having special programmes for advanced and slow learners
  4. Professional and industrial experiences through internships leading to placements
  5. Ethical orientations for honest efforts to grow into true professional to the core
  6. Social outreach prorammes for legal awareness and assistance to people and for self understanding of the society and social conflicts to develop capacity for problem solving
  7. Programmes for improving culture of competitiveness and competitive venturing for civil and judicial services exams
  8. Exchange programmes and collaborations with institutions abroad and to liaison with the corporate world and industry, preferably multinationals
  9. Project works for research skill development
  10. Moot court and related practices for professional development
  11. A Vibrant Alumni Association to be maintained.

Important Centres

  • Legal Aid Centre
  • Centre for Studies in Artificial Intelligence
  • Mediation Centre
  • Children and Family Counseling Centre
  • Documentation and Internet Connectivity Centre
  • Human Rights Centre
  • Centre for Competition Preparedness for Civil Services, Judiciary, Provincial Services.

Community Development

  • Legal Literacy Campaigns
  • Mediation and Lok Adalats
  • Street Plays on legal issues
  • Jail Awareness Programme

Project Works
Students are, therefore, encouraged to work on projects like:
  • Law and Development
  • Incorporation and Promotion of Business Organisations
  • Interstate Relations
  • Settlement of Water Disputes
  • Law and Forests
  • Law and the Shelter-less Populations
  • Law and Disaster Management
  • Health Care Law
  • Law and Rural Economy
  • Petroleum Law
  • Law and Mining
  • Law on Inter-state Movement of Goods
  • Consumer Protection
  • Control of Foreign Trade
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Trade Law
  • Air and Space Law
  • And any other issue relevant to society
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