School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)

IILM University, Greater Noida

At SCSE, we take pride in shaping the future leaders of the tech world. Our comprehensive curriculum, compliant with the National Education Policy (NEP), lays the groundwork for a robust education in Computer Science. We go beyond traditional boundaries by offering a spectrum of programs including B.Tech, BCA, M.Tech, M.C.A, and Doctoral programs.

Key Features:

Our NEP-compliant curriculum empowers students to design their own degree, focusing on their areas of interest. Specializations include AIML, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, IoT, Graphics and Gaming, Full Stack Development, and Blockchain.

We bridge academia and industry by collaborating with giants like IBM-ICE, ICT Academy, SKILLZ TECH LLP, Red Hat Academy, and Oracle Academy. Specialized programs like B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Specialization in AI & ML) with IBM ICE and BCA with Web Design and Development & iOS Fundamentals with SKILLZTEC LLP open doors to real-world applications.

Our MoU with NIT Uttarakhand provides a platform for advanced research. The School encourages exploration across domains, fostering a holistic learning experience.

Our faculty, comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals, employ innovative teaching pedagogies that empower students to unleash their creativity and refine their skills.

State-of-the-art labs and research facilities bring theoretical concepts to life, creating industry-ready graduates. Our commitment to staying ahead of industry dynamics ensures that our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the tech landscape.

To stay abreast of industry trends, SCSE engages students with academic leaders and industry experts from around the world. This exposure enhances their understanding of global technological advancements.

Beyond academics, our enthralling campus life fosters personality development. Students immerse themselves in a vibrant community that encourages collaboration, creativity, and personal growth.

The School is structured into departments aligned with industry trends and technologies, providing a forward-looking outlook.

Departments & Programs

B. Tech CSE - Cloud Computing


The B.Tech in CSE with Cloud Computing specialization at IILM University, Greater Noida, offers a four-year program, providing comprehensive knowledge from virtualization principles to advanced cloud scripting, fostering skills for diverse sectors.

B. Tech CSE - Cyber Security


The four-year B.Tech in CSE with Cyber Security specialization at IILM University, Greater Noida, includes courses in cyber and information security, governance, IT system security, application and data security, with elective options.

B. Tech CSE – IoT


The four-year B.Tech program in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) with an IoT specialization at IILM University, Greater Noida, focuses on networked devices, sensor technologies, IoT architecture, standards, protocols, and IoT software.

B. Tech CSE - Block Chain


The B.Tech in CSE with a Blockchain specialization at IILM University, Greater Noida, is a four-year program empowering students with expertise in decentralized systems, blockchain solutions, and cryptocurrency applications.

M Tech Computer Science and Engineering


IILM University’s M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering offers advanced specialization, fostering innovation and research. Electives include Advanced Python, Mobile App Development, R Programming, Semantic Web, Service-Oriented Architecture, Soft Computing, High-Performance Computing, and Computational Number Theory.

Ph.D. – CSE


IILM University’s School of Computer Science and Engineering in Greater Noida offers a unique Doctoral program focusing on AI/ML/DL, Network and Cyber Security, Next Gen Computing, Data Science, and Big Data.

B. Tech CSE – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The B.Tech CSE program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at IILM University, Greater Noida, spans eight semesters, covering AI fundamentals, machine learning, deep learning, applications in industry, and natural language processing.

B. Tech CSE – Data Science and Big Data Analytics


The B.Tech CSE program with a specialization in Data Science and Big Data Analytics at IILM University, Greater Noida, spans eight semesters, covering subjects like data science fundamentals, big data tools, analysis, business intelligence, and data handling & visualization tools

B. Tech CSE – AI & ML in collaboration with IBM Innovation Centre for Education (ICE)


IILM University, in collaboration with IBM ICE, offers a full-time B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering, providing industry insights, project-based learning, and a globally recognized IBM Digital Badge.

B. Tech – CSE with specialization in Graphics & Gaming


The innovative B.Tech-CSE program with Graphics and Gaming specialization at IILM University equips students with comprehensive skills for the dynamic gaming industry. It fosters creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and industry-ready expertise.

B. Tech – CSE with specialization in Full Stack Development – L & T


IILM University’s B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Full Stack Development with L&T, offers a four-year curriculum covering foundational and advanced topics, emphasizing practical learning for real-world application.

B. Tech CSE with specialization in iOS Mobile Application with ML & AR


IILM University’s B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, focusing on iOS Mobile Application, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality, in collaboration with SKLZ Tect LLP, blends academic excellence with industry relevance.

Bachelor of Computer Application


The BCA program at IILM University, offered by the Department of Computer Application, is a three-year undergraduate course emphasizing practical learning, industry alignment, and essential soft skills development for a successful IT career.

BCA (Web Design & Development & iOS Fundamentals) in collaboration with SKLZ TECT LLP


IILM University’s BCA program, in collaboration with SKLZ TECT LLP, focuses on Web Design and Development & iOS Fundamentals, offering students real-world insights, industry expertise, and hands-on application opportunities.

BCA with specialization in Web Development


IILM University’s BCA program, specializing in Web Development, combines a strong foundation in computer science with a focus on key web technologies and practices. Graduates are well-prepared for diverse careers in web development.

BCA with specialization in IoT


IILM University’s BCA program, specializing in IoT, offers a groundbreaking curriculum developed with industry experts. It integrates theoretical knowledge with practical application, emphasizing industry relevance, research involvement, and entrepreneurial support.

BCA with specialization in Big Data Analytics


IILM University’s BCA program, specializing in Big Data Analytics, integrates computer science fundamentals with hands-on training in technologies like Apache Hadoop and Spark. Graduates are prepared for diverse data-related roles.

Master of Computer Application


IILM University’s MCA program, spanning two years, imparts comprehensive knowledge in computer science. Emphasizing theory and practical aspects, it covers software development, databases, networking, and offers specialization options for diverse IT roles.

What makes it different at IILM University

  • NEP complaint curriculum
  • Personalized mentoring system
  • Collaborations with IT giants -IBM, AWS Academy, NASSCOM, Apple-IoS, RedHat, Infosys Springboard, ICT Academy, Microsoft.
  • Mentoring by Industry experts and hand holding in the classroom.
  • Internships and Industry exposures
  • Competitive and Research Opportunities- MoU with NIT-Uttarakhand.
  • Focus on Ethical and Social Implications
  • Practical Oriented learning with excellent state-of-the-art laboratories

Program Overview

Immerse in hands-on learning with our exemplary programs:

B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering:

Explore the limitless potential of technology with our prestigious B Tech in Computer Science program. We merge tradition and innovation, giving students a profound grasp of computer science principles and hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology. Our accomplished faculty and advanced labs ensure top-tier education, empowering graduates in so-ware development, AI & ML, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data Science and beyond, actively shaping the digital world.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A):

It is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on computer applications and software development. The BCA program typically spans three years and is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in computer science, programming languages, software development, and other related areas.

M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering:

An M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering stands as a pinnacle of technical education in today’s digital era. This esteemed degree offers advanced knowledge and specialized skills in computer science, paving the way for impactful contributions to technology-driven fields. In a rapidly evolving industry, an M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering not only amplifies technical expertise but also fosters innovation and research.

Master of Computer Applications(MCA):

This advanced degree equips individuals with specialized skills and in-depth knowledge essential for excelling in a variety of tech domains. It serves as a gateway to leadership positions and high-paying career prospects. In an industry marked by continuous innovation and transformation, an MCA graduate not only enhances technical expertise but also nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, making it a strategic and highly sought-after investment in one’s career journey.

Ph. D Computer Science and Engineering:

This programme offers aspiring researchers a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments in computer science research, contributing to our academic excellence and research innovation legacy.

The school offers Doctoral programs in research areas such as AI/ML/DL, Network and Cyber Security, Next Gen Computing, Data Science and Big Data, Natural Language and Image Processing.  After completion of the course, one can pursue careers in research, academia, or industry.

B.Tech: Candidate must have passed 10+2 level examination or its equivalent from any recognized Board / University; securing minimum 50% (45% for SC/ST/ Reserve candidates) MARKS in required subject combination (two compulsory (Physics & Mathematics) & one optional (Chemistry/ Bio- Technology / Biology / Technical Vocational subject)) taken together. The candidate is essentially required to pass without any grace marks.

BCA: Candidate who have passed the qualifying examination securing minimum 50% (45% for SC/ST/Reserve candidate) marks in aggregate without any grace marks

M.C.A: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% in aggregate (45% of SC/ST/Reserve candidates).

M. Tech: Candidates must have passed B.E/B. Tech in their respective disciplines with a minimum of 50% in aggregate (45% of SC/ST/Reserve candidates).

Ph. D Computer Science and Engineering: As per UGC

Course structure anchors to NEP guidelines to excel in academics and nurtures..

Core competency: UG, PG programmes aim at mastering skill sets related to computer science.

Interdisciplinary skills: Out programmes in Computer science are equipped with other disciplines like data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data science and big data analytics, cloud computing, Internet of Things etc

Choice -based curriculum: Our course structure gives its learners the flexibility of choosing between various courses based on one’s interests to broaden their skill set.

Project -based learning: Project-based learning, internships, and real-world experience are included in CS programs to help students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

 Research aptitude:Inculcates more emphasis on innovation and research.  encourages students to do research and make contributions to the field’s developments.

Collaborative Learning:Collaboration with industry partnership prepares students for the demands of the IT world, it cultivates an active and adaptable learning environment.

  • B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Specialization in AI & ML) in Collaboration with IBM ICE
  • B Tech CSE with specialization in iOS Mobile Application with ML and AR (Apple Certification)
  • B Tech CSE with specialization in Full stack Development in collaboration with L&T
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • AI/ML
  • Cyber-Security
  • IoT
  • Graphics and Gaming
  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  • Blockchain Technology
  • BCA (Web Design and Development & iOS Fundamentals) in Collaboration with SKLZ TECT LLP
  • BCA with specialization in Web Development
  • BCA with specialization in Big Data Analytics
  • BCA with specialization in IoT

Our curriculum integrates professional electives and exploratory buckets of electives empowers students to make choice between available options according to their area of interest to excel in problem solving skills and gain the knowledge of other domains. It will help them in understanding the complete ecosystem during the development of applications.


The School believes in a 360-degree transformation of its students. Besides the technical skill development by the School, Centre for Career Services of IILM lays specific emphasis on aptitude and personality development. It’s curriculum equips learners with aptitude, communication and soft skills. Expert guidance on how to identify aspirational roles, make career choices, prepare for placement GD/PI and mock interviews will be provided to all students to help them maximize the placement opportunities available.


NEP compliant curriculum that is followed at the School enforces students get exposure to the environment of Industry during various internships . It helps to foster personal growth, enhance character, and develop essential professional capabilities.These Internships provide holistic education that goes beyond the classroom learning ensuring that our graduates are well-equipped for success in their careers.


Placement Managers, Faculty Coordinators for each branch/school, and enthusiastic student coordinators from various departments. works tirelessly to ensure the seamless integration of industry and academia, connecting our students with exciting career opportunities. In the fast-paced field of computer science, success depends on lifelong learning and keeping up with current developments.

Our major recruiters are:


The field of computer science offers a plethora of career opportunities due to its interdisciplinary nature and the increasing integration of technology in various industries.

Here are some of the key career paths within the computer science field:

  • Software Developer/Engineer: This role can include Design, develop, test, and maintain software applications. It deals with front-end development (user interfaces), back-end development (server-side logic), and full-stack development.
  • Web Developer: Web developers may specialize in front-end (client-side) or back-end (server-side) development, focussing on designing and creating websites and web applications.
  • Database Administrator (DBA): DBAs work with database management systems (DBMS) ,manage and maintain databases, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and properly organized. and database design.
  • Network Administrator/Engineer: Network administrators work on tasks such as setting up and troubleshooting network infrastructure, ensuring security, and optimizing network performance by configuring, managing, and maintaining an organization’s computer networks.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: Cybersecurity analysts implement security measures, monitor for potential vulnerabilities, and respond to incidents to protect computer systems and networks from security breaches and cyber threats.
  • Data Scientist: Analyze and interpret complex data sets to inform business decision-making. Data scientists use statistical techniques, machine learning, and programming skills to extract insights from large datasets.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer: Develop AI systems and applications, including machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and computer vision. AI engineers work on creating intelligent systems that can perform tasks without explicit programming.
  • Cloud Architect: Cloud architects design and manage cloud infrastructure and services. and help organizations migrate to and optimize their presence on cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.
  • Mobile App Developer: Create applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile app developers may specialize in iOS (Apple), Android (Google), or cross-platform development.

Furthermore, multidisciplinary positions bridging the domains of bioinformatics, finance, healthcare, and computer science are becoming more typical.

Admissions Open for 2024
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