B. Tech CSE – AI & ML in collaboration with IBM Innovation Centre for Education (ICE)

4 Years Program

Program Overview

IILM University in collaboration with IBM ICE is currently providing a full-time B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering four-year (eight semesters) program, which includes the course structure developed from the industry specialists and the experienced faculty of IILM University. Upon successful completion of this program, students shall receive Globally Recognized IBM Digital Badge, in addition to the Degree offered by IILM University.

The course is highly proactive, allowing students to go beyond the regular studies and syllabus-based learning. The visits from the IBM experts allow students to connect with the current trends and getting the understanding of the industry from the very first semester of their engineering, providing them the flavour of industry-oriented studies. The course supports project-based learning which captivates the attention of the students towards developing something innovative. Every year IBM organizes IBM-ICE event at the IILM University which enable students to present their learnings in front of the delegates of the IBM. Student’s projects, posters and gamified experiences is taken forward to IBM directly which supports these young minds to flourish in most positive environment.


  • Python Programming
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
  • Pattern Recognition and Anomaly Detection
  • Application of Machine Learning in Industries

Talk to an Advisor

What Sets B Tech at IILM University Apart?

“Elevate your journey in B Tech CSE at IILM University, where

  • IBM Collaboration: The collaboration with IBM ICE provides exposure to industry-relevant knowledge and trends.
  • Subject Matter Experts Visits & Interaction: These Subject Matter Experts’ Interactions helps students to learn and understand the application of the technology for various industry domains. There will be adequate interaction planned during these visits so that it becomes an interactive learning experience for the students.
  • Advanced Labs with Workstations: IILM is at the forefront of technology with labs in collaboration with Dell and Intel to provide the power of workstations to the students.
  • Proactive Learning: The program encourages students to go beyond syllabus-based learning, fostering a proactive and industry-oriented mindset.
  • Project and Lab based learning combined with Instructor led classroom training: Focus on projects and applied learning shall be offered from the very beginning. Theory courses shall be augmented by adequate project and applied work, which will help the students apply the knowledge they gain in classroom.
  • IBM-ICE Events: Annual events provide students with the opportunity to present their projects directly to IBM, facilitating industry connections.

and more, set our program apart.”

B. Tech – CSE – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – IBM ICE: Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education with a strong foundation in Mathematics and Physics. A qualifying score in relevant entrance exams as specified by IILM University. Admissions may also consider performance in group discussions or personal interviews.

The B.Tech-CSE-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program at IILM University in collaboration with IBM ICE, is a cutting-edge four-year undergraduate program. The curriculum focuses on an interdisciplinary approach, integrating computer science with emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Data Science, AI and many more. Students must have completed 10+2 education with a strong foundation in Mathematics and Physics, and admission requires a qualifying score in specified entrance exams, along with possible group discussions or personal interviews.

The program offers a unique partnership with IBM ICE, providing students exposure to industry-relevant knowledge. Graduates are prepared for diverse career paths in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cloud computing and cybersecurity. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning through practical projects, ensuring graduates are not only technically proficient but also ethically responsible engineers. The program at IILM University aims to produce career-ready graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge for immediate entry into the workforce.

  • Graduates are prepared for diverse career paths in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cloud computing and many more.
  • Opportunities in industries ranging from IT and software development to gaming technology and analytics.
  • Possibility of roles such as data scientist, machine learning engineer, AI specialist, cybersecurity analyst, and more.
Admissions Open for 2024
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