School of Liberal Arts and Social Science
IILM University Greater Noida is one of the best universities in India. Its educational philosophy is imbibed in the concept of humanities education. Humanities Education the underlying unity of all knowledge and allowing students to explore a range of majors along with ability enhancement and skill enhancement course.

The University provides you with the best humanities education with a multidisciplinary academic framework and skill & ability enhancement courses to become an educated and successful citizen of the 21st century. Its flexible structure is designed to inspire curiosity, frame opportunities, develop critical and problem-solving thought processes, which allows you to pursue your passion. Humanities education educates and prepares students to excel in a range of careers and, most importantly, enables them to lead a purposeful life. .

IILM the best liberal University that draws you towards two distinct goals: general education across the wide range of humanities courses and focused learning in a chosen specialization. With help from academic advisors & coaches, who are the best professors in their areas, students will select from a range of courses to fulfill each element of the carefully crafted curriculum. Students may also choose to expand their academic experience beyond the classroom through choices like research and experiential learning. IILM offers programs both at Bachelors’ as well as Masters’ Level, making it among top the humanities destination in India/Delhi-NCR.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) | Master of Arts

Free Electives

Free Electives give you the freedom to pursue interests that may lie outside the specialization and extend beyond those addressed in the Ability Enhancement and Skill Enhancement Curriculum.You can take a course in a field you may have not otherwise encountered, learn about a subject that sheds light on a potential major, study abroad, pursue a second major or minor, or investigate any other area of interest.

Skill & Ability Enhancement

  • Critical Thinking
  • Academic Writing
  • Art of Communication and Storytelling
  • Election Governance and Democracy
  • Leadership through Literature
  • Foreign Language
  • Cross Cultural Understanding
  • Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning
Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate Program:

10+2 in any Discipline

For Postgraduate Program:

Bachelor Degree in any Discipline


A humanities education at IILM University aims to provide students with the necessary skills to construct lives of substance and achievement, helping them become sagacious citizens. By offering programs and implementing practices that adopt an integrated and holistic approach to student learning outcomes, higher education institutions are better equipped to provide students with the necessary skills to achieve this goal. It will give students the essential foundation of knowledge and skills that can be used across a range of contexts and opportunities to see the connections among different domains of learning.

  • Acquire, analyze and synthesize knowledge in order to ask and evaluate critical questions.
  • Integrate perspectives across disciplines.
  • Articulate and organize ideas in forms appropriate to the disciplines using language, numbers, image, sound, and/or movement.
  • Demonstrate thinking and reasoning appropriate to both concrete or abstract contexts and challenges, employing multiple tools and cross-disciplinary approaches.
  • Conduct research, construct hypotheses and/or research questions, and draw conclusions that connect new knowledge to existing knowledge. Explore the arts, learning to analyze, critique and/or practice artistic forms.
  • Connect intellectual inquiry to the real world through experiential learning. Illustrate the ability to connect multiple ideas that spread across disciplines and activities.

The programme would be organized through lectures, tutorials, experiential exercises, projects, presentations, workshops, seminars and hands on training. Students would be encouraged to develop an understanding of real life situations and participate in the programmes and practices in the social context. Practicum is incorporated as an important component in most of the papers with hands on training in the use of various research methods such as laboratory experiments, field experiments, observation, testing, survey, interview and case study. Use of ICT, mass media and web based sources (like documentaries, videos, films etc.) are highly recommended to make the learning process interactive, interesting and fruitful.


In 2023, the Department of Journalism, Media, and Communication at IILM University, Greater Noida, formalized a significant collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) Academy. This partnership aims to enhance the educational framework and provide students with industry-relevant knowledge and skills.The MoU was signed by Dr. Taruna Gautam, Vice Chancellor of IILM University, Greater Noida. Representing ASCI Academy at the signing was Ms. Namrata Bachani, who played a pivotal role in establishing this collaboration. The faculty coordinator from IILM University, responsible for facilitating this agreement, was Ms. Aditi Gupta.
The collaboration is set to provide students with valuable insights into advertising standards and ethics, bridging the gap between academic learning and industry practices. This initiative underscores IILM University’s commitment to providing its students with cutting-edge education and preparing them for successful careers in media and communication.
This partnership is expected to offer numerous benefits, including specialized workshops, guest lectures by industry experts, and access to ASCI’s extensive resources. It marks a significant step towards fostering a deeper understanding of the advertising industry’s regulatory aspects among future media professionals.

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