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Program Overview

The MBA program aims at developing competent and responsible leaders and managers who are industry ready. The program is curated in collaboration with industry and balances theoretical knowledge development alongside practical skill development. Students undergo courses on business fundamentals as well as advanced management courses, which form the core effective managers and leaders. In compliment, the students are offered cutting edge elective courses in an area of their choice which allows them to specialise in a particular domain and earn a named degree (for example, MBA in Marketing). Regardless of your Undergraduate discipline, the MBA program is a vehicle for you to transition into management and leadership roles in a variety of sectors. The program provides an opportunity for the student to undertake a 2-month internship and also give a choice to opt for a Dubai based or IIM campus-based immersion.

The MBA program exposes students to practitioner issues by continuously engaging the students with the industry through internships, field visits, short term projects and by inviting industry leaders into the classroom. The distinguishing feature of our MBA program is that the industry is embedded into our curriculum, so you develop the confidence for a successful corporate career while still being in the classroom. The program recognises the need for a holistic development and provides multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for our students using exploratory courses. Students can opt to earn credits in law, engineering, liberal arts and computer science courses while developing a core strength in Leadership, Strategy and other functional areas of the business.

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IILM University has signed an MOU with SAS Institute. Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Analytics at the IILM with SAS will give you a comprehensive understanding of data science and analytics. By learning how to develop data-driven strategies, you can assist businesses in making informed decisions and discovering innovative solutions to problems. The MBA in Business Analytics at IILM is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of data science and analytics. During the program, you will study topics such as introduction to Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, and Big Data Analytics. Furthermore, you will learn about data’s ethical and legal implications and be prepared with resources and strategies for interpreting and explaining data.

Entrepreneurs transform opportunities into established organizations and institutions, navigating unexplored territories amidst boundless uncertainties and resource constraints. With a high tolerance for risk, they make decisions in the face of limited information, playing a crucial role in generating wealth and enhancing the quality of people’s lives. The MBA Entrepreneurship program is crafted to prepare students aspiring to initiate a startup, engage in their family business, or assume the role of an Entrepreneurial Manager within a startup. It aims to equip them with the skills needed to tackle the challenges inherent in entrepreneurial journeys, such as decision-making in information-limited environments, creating opportunities within constraints, and solving intricate business problems. Students will gain insights into the far-reaching impact of their decisions on various stakeholders, including employees, investors, channel partners, society, and government.

Financial Technology is an emerging area which integrates Technology and Finance through seamless and efficient delivery of Financial Services using innovative and new Technology. It will change and disrupt the way business is done by banks, insurance firms, non-banking finance companies (NBFC), payment banks, stock trading and investment advisory firms. The course aims to build understanding as to how innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics using R and Python will enable firms to provide new solutions to consumers and investors. Students will develop an in-depth understanding about concepts like Insure-Tech, Peer to Peer Lending, Robo-Advisory, Algorithm Trading which aim to bring more efficiency and financial inclusion in the processes, delivery and outreach of the financial services sector.
This programme in FinTech will equip participants with the foundations to participate in these dialogues, develop requisite skill sets and attitude for exploring opportunities in FinTech sector and to shape their own FinTech ventures.

The IILM University HR MBA is designed to give a unique opportunity for the learners and professionals to develop expertise in different areas of Human resources management. It is developed after incorporating the views and suggestions from HR leaders, CHROs. The program intends to impart core and advanced knowledge of HR and integration with technology platforms. The program is also extremely useful to students who intend to join organisations and work in specialized HR functions or are keen to upgrade their existing skills and knowledge of contemporary HR processes and practices & shall aim to talk about HR-related curriculum in the evolving world and a changing environment and aim to be a “thought leader” program towards the same.

Marketing and Innovation is the implementation of a new marketing method aimed at better addressing customer needs, leveraging customer experience through significant changes in product design or packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing. This programme, designed in consultation with Industry Experts and some of the world’s leading academicians, is ideal for employees in R&D and Product Development departments in corporates and PSUs and those seeking additional specialization.

The program objective of an MBA in Manufacturing Management is to equip students with the specialized knowledge and skills required to effectively manage manufacturing operations within diverse industrial settings. Through a combination of theoretical coursework and practical application, students develop a deep understanding of key concepts such as lean manufacturing principles, supply chain management, quality control, production planning, and process optimization. The program aims to cultivate strategic thinking and leadership capabilities, enabling graduates to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive continuous improvement initiatives across manufacturing organizations. Additionally, emphasis is placed on developing proficiency in decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in the dynamic field of manufacturing management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a highly sought-after tool for business re-engineering and efficiency enhancement, specializing in empowering business processes and machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. This field encompasses various functionalities, including text-to-speech, speech-to-text, perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. Positioned within the realm of Computer Science, MBA Artificial Intelligence seeks to advance the development of intelligent computer systems. This program integrates a comprehensive understanding of the impact of technology on business effectiveness, incorporating elements of research, analysis, and consulting to serve the business world. In addition to focusing on AI tools, the curriculum covers essential business areas such as Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy. A distinctive feature of the program is the inclusion of a Consulting AI Lab, where students gain hands-on experience applying AI-based consulting methodologies to industry-specific projects. The subjects are strategically designed to foster self-learning and provide support to regional industries or global entrepreneurs.

What Sets the IILM MBA Apart?

“At IILM University, our commitment to providing an exceptional MBA experience is reflected in our distinctive approach to education. We pride ourselves on our Experiential Pedagogy, a dynamic learning methodology that goes beyond traditional lectures. Through field trips, lab immersions, industry projects, and hands-on workshops, we empower students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Our case-based learning method fosters decision-making skills and encourages peer learning within the classroom. Furthermore, our curriculum is enriched by the presence of senior industry professionals, ensuring a practical context for diverse subject areas. The CXO series brings top business leaders to campus, offering insights into their journeys and industry trends. Our unique initiatives, such as the Consulting Challenge, StartUP Challenge, Responsible Citizenship Project, Alumni Mentorship Program, and Personal Growth Lab, complement our experiential learning approach, emphasizing responsible leadership, mentorship, and individual development. Additionally, our MBA program includes industry and domain-specific certifications, providing students with a competitive edge in Lean and Six Sigma, Project Management, and Data Science. Join us at IILM University, where innovation, practicality, and holistic growth converge to shape the leaders of tomorrow.”

Embracing an Experiential Pedagogy, our School of Management ensures an immersive learning experience for students. Beyond traditional lectures, we emphasize learning by doing, leveraging field trips, lab immersions, industry projects, and workshops. Our case-based learning method puts students in decision-makers’ shoes, fostering decision-making skills and peer learning. Assessments focus on enhancing problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Engaging with senior industry professionals and the periodic CXO series provides practical insights. Exemplifying our approach are:

Consulting Challenge:
Expose students to real business issues, addressing startups, microbusinesses, and SMEs. Faculty and industry mentorship guide students in applying management theories to solve problems, covering market research, feasibility analysis, operational efficiency, digital audits, strategy analysis, and growth strategies.

StartUP Challenge:
Open to aspiring entrepreneurs, this hands-on challenge guides students from ideation to commercialization. Faculty and entrepreneur mentors support prototyping, business planning, and incubation for transforming ideas into revenue-generating businesses.

CXO Series:
Monthly sessions featuring top national and global business leaders help students understand leadership journeys, learn from experiences, and grasp industry trends. MBA courses include expert-led sessions, bridging knowledge gaps between academia and industry.

Responsible Citizenship Project (RCP):
Focusing on societal issues, RCP develops responsible leadership skills. Students explore concepts like Stakeholder capitalism, ESG, and Sustainability, applying frameworks in rural areas through field trips and Social Responsibility projects.

Alumni Mentorship Program:
Dedicated alumni support guides students in career progression and corporate life. Alumni role models assist in navigating the challenges of management school.

Personal Growth Lab (PGL):
PGL’s hands-on workshops cover self-management, personal branding, and individual growth plans. Emphasizing mental competencies, this module prepares students to effectively handle the demands of corporate life. Join us at IILM University, where experiential learning transforms education into a dynamic and practical journey.

Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt – KPMG (available to all students)
Our Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt program, in collaboration with KPMG, stands as a pinnacle of excellence in performance methodologies. This certification empowers participants to utilize data for informed business decisions, analyze current trends and metrics practically, conduct in-depth cause analysis, and drive innovation for performance enhancement. Focused on optimizing businesses for digital transformation, this program enhances individuals’ competencies, fostering organizational success through differentiation, business acumen, and a culture of continuous improvement.

SAS Institute Approved Certifications in Data Science and Analytics (offered as part of the Business Analytics specialization pathway)
In a rapidly evolving job market, analytics positions saw a 29% rise last year, with 79% of executives emphasizing the necessity for companies to embrace big data (Forbes). Our partnership with SAS Institute informs curriculum development in Data Science. Through faculty-led training, students gain essential skills and certifications in Data Science, opening doors to numerous job opportunities. Please note that all certifications are achieved through clearing assessments conducted by the relevant certification bodies. Elevate your career prospects with IILM University’s comprehensive certification programs.

A bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a university/ institution recognized by the UGC or equivalent bodies with a minimum score of 50% in aggregate or an equivalent grade and Test scores in any of the following national level tests conducted in the current year – *CAT (conducted by IIMs)/ **XAT/ MAT/ NMAT/ CMAT/ ***GMAT

The MBA Programs at IILM University are designed with flexibility to accommodate individual academic backgrounds, offering a Two-Year Master’s Degree for students with a Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree and a One-Year Master’s Degree for those with a Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree with Honours/Research. There is a single exit point in the Two-Year Master’s Program after the first year, where students are eligible to receive a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. The curriculum is crafted to be comprehensive and multidisciplinary, emphasizing skill development, industry engagement, and experiential learning that enhances creativity, innovation, critical and higher-order thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. In addition to the core curriculum, students have the option to select elective courses from other schools within the university, fostering a more holistic learning experience. Aligned with NEP 2020, IILM University offers two pathways for the MBA program. The two-year program is divided into four semesters, with a total of 90 credits. The one-year program is organized across two semesters, leading to a requirement of 45 credits for the Master’s Degree. IILM University ensures that students gain experiential learning by providing industry feedback and startup engagement throughout their tenure, which not only enriches their academic journey but also prepares them for real-world challenges.

The IILM MBA believes in a 360-degree transformation of its students. Besides the knowledge development, the program lays specific emphasis on aptitude and personality development. The program’s training and placement component will allow students to work with industry experts to develop their aptitude, communication and soft skills. Expert guidance on how to identify aspirational roles, make career choices, prepare for placement GD/PI and interviews will be provided to all students to help them maximize the placement opportunities available through the Career Services Centre at IILM. The School of Management works with top external vendors who will ensure industry professionals mentor our students in their interview process via mock interviews and role specific guidance-based workshops.

The Training and Placement module is structured as follows:

Phase 1:

  • Soft skills workshops.
  • Spoken and Written communication workshops.
  • Personality Development workshops.

Phase 2:

  • Profile mapping.
  • Resume Building.
  • Role specific domain knowledge training.
  • Group Discussion training.
  • Personal Interview training.
  • Mock interviews (behavioural and technical).

With over 3 decades of legacy in providing well-trained and impact-oriented managers and leaders, IILM has forged a strong relationship with the industry, which is underpinned by a trust in our curriculum and student readiness towards a corporate career. Our students are majorly placed in BFSI, FMCG, Media, Retail and Consulting sectors.
Key roles offered:

  • Marketing Manager.
  • Sales Manager.
  • Finance Executive/Officer.
  • Product Manager.
  • Recruitment Consultant.
  • Talent Acquisition Manager.
  • Operations Executive.
  • Management Operations Executive.
  • Team Leader.
  • Financial Management Associate.
  • Financial Accounting Executive.

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