The School of Management, IILM University, Greater Noida
is one of the top business schools in Greater Noida which is
technology and multi-disciplinary focussed.

The School of Management, IILM University, Greater Noida is one of the top business schools in Greater Noida which is technology and multi-disciplinary focussed.

The School of Management prides itself in developing competent and impact-oriented managers and leaders whose actions reflect responsibility towards business and society. The contemporary business environment is characterised by dynamism, complexity and uncertainty, which requires informed, inclusive and quick decision making. The UG and PG curriculum in the School of Management is designed in close consultation with the industry and benchmarked against the best Indian and Global business schools. Our focus is balanced between the interest of students, needs of the industry and expectations of the society. At the School of Management, we are passionate about developing adaptable individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, resilience and responsiveness to drive business growth and societal development.

Multi-disciplinary learning approach
the School of Management provides its UG and PG students to broaden their knowledge and develop skill sets beyond the realm of their chosen domain of qualification. Our students can pursue a range of exploratory courses offered by our School of Engineering, Computer Science, Law and Liberal Arts alongside their core Business and Management courses. This allows our students to develop a niche skill set, and embark on a unique career pathway.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial orientation
our students are encouraged to become curious, question existing knowledge and norms and work towards continuous improvement. This mindset is inculcated into our students by exposing them to incubation activities, wherein all students are encouraged to develop ideas that solve business and societal issues. The Management students collaborate with engineering students to develop prototypes, business plans and solutions that can create monetary and societal value. The aim is not simply ‘start-up’ but rather demonstrate Intrapreneurship in corporate sector by unlocking new value in organizations in a collaborative manner.

Responsible and inclusive management skills
the School of Management curriculum imbibes into the students an empathetic and emotionally intelligent attitude. Elements of Sustainability, Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Responsibility are reflected in our curriculum and extra-curricular activities wherein our students are exposed to matter of societal importance via projects, field visits and special workshops. Our students are trained to develop a ‘stakeholder view’ of the organization.


To emerge as a world class Management School with an aim to develop technologically competent, purposeful Managers and Leaders for an inclusive and sustainable development of Business and Society.


  • To ensure our students develop as delivery ready professionals in terms of knowledge, skills and professional abilities to make a meaningful impact within organizations.
  • To foster a culture of technological competence and an entrepreneurial mindset among students by leveraging experiential and multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for students.
  • To collaborate with and integrate corporate and societal stakeholders, to ensure that the curriculum and school activities are aligned with the current and future needs of the industry and society.
  • To create an inclusive, diverse and supportive cultural environment oriented towards the well-being and continuous professional development of faculty and students.

USPs of the School of Management

Multi-disciplinary Learning Options

students can choose from a basket of electives offered by Law, Social Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science

Venture Creation Support

Start-up launchpad, mentor support, lab access, pitching event access

Consulting Projects

opportunities to solve business issues of local businesses as a part of curriculum – fostering experiential learning

CXO Series

bi-monthly industry expert sessions to increase general business awareness of the students

Alumni mentorship program

dedicated alumni support for guidance in career progression and corporate life

Corporate readiness program

designed and delivered by Senior industry professionals in two blocks – one before internship and one after internship

Industry and domain specific certifications

KPMG Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt,

Personal Growth Lab

focus on Managing Self, Personal Branding, Individual Growth plan

Responsible citizenship lecture series

bi-annual lectures from prominent representatives from Govt, international bodies, academia and think tanks on matters of social and political importance

Social Responsibility Project

a ‘live’ project for students to undertake in areas of social need – working with NGOs, marginalised communities and rural areas


iilmu-pedagogyThe School of Management adopts an Experiential learning pedagogy to ensure an engaged learning experience for the student. Experiential learning involves learning by doing. So, while a student has to undergo lectures to develop the fundamentals of business and management subjects, the faculty leverage field trips, lab immersions, short term industry projects and hands on workshops to ensure students can analyse data, evaluate information and apply their learnings to solve problems. Majority of the courses adopt a case-based learning method which puts students into the shoes of decision makers and helps them develop decision making skills, and also creates a peer learning element within the classroom.

The assessments and evaluations are designed to enhance your problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills. The School of Management invites several Senior industry professionals to engage with students in the classroom to provide a practical context to different subject areas. The CXO series invites Industry leaders on campus periodically to helps students understand the evolving trends in different sectors.

Personal Development and Placement Training

The School of Management, via a dedicated team provides a comprehensive and structured training to its students on Spoken and Written Communication, Business Communication, Personality Development modules to help students evolve as an individual, ready for corporate life. The School of Management also conducts resume building, profile mapping, technical training and mock interview sessions to help students be prepared for the placement process. The training team helps students develop logical reasoning, verbal ability and numerical/quantitative ability via dedicated training sessions, which are important part of the placement process for a number of companies.

The Placement team works to provide students with an opportunity to apply for top tier companies. The Placement team works in tandem with the training team to ensure you are ready to face the interview by conducting Group Discussion, Pre-Placement talks and Mock interviews before key placement processes.


Programmes Offered

Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program – (2-year program or 1 year program option for students with 4-year UG degrees with honours including BE/BTECH)

Master of Business Administration in Management Technology

Specialization pathways:-

  • Data Science, AI and ML
  • Fintech
  • Business Analytics (in collaboration with IBM)

Program Overview (MBA 2-year)

The MBA program in aims at developing competent and responsible leaders and managers who are industry ready. The program is curated in collaboration with industry and balances theoretical knowledge development alongside practical skill development. Students undergo courses on business fundamentals as well as advanced management courses, which form the core effective managers and leaders. In compliment, the students are offered cutting edge elective courses in an area of their choice which allows them to specialise in a particular domain and earn a named degree (for example, MBA in Marketing). Regardless of your Undergraduate discipline, the MBA program is a vehicle for you to transition into management and leadership roles in a variety of sectors. The program provides an opportunity for the student to undertake a 2-month internship and also give a choice to opt for a Dubai based or IIM campus-based immersion.

Program Overview (MBA 1-year)

The 1-year MBA program is a unique, accelerated MBA that is designed for students with a 4-year UG degree (with honours) including BE, BTECH). The program is highly intensive, rigorous and demands a high level of commitment and engagement on behalf of the learner. An innovative ‘blended learning’ approach is utilised to accelerate the student learning process, so that the student is out in the job market in a year of commencing the MBA 1-year program. The program develops strong independent learning skills among its students through a demanding curriculum. While the program does not compromise on the depth and content of the 2-year program, students are expected to engage in online and asynchronous learning components to complement their classroom learning. The program offers a shorter internship and encourages students to leverage short term industry projects in each term to develop tangible corporate ready skills.

MBA General Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HRM
  • Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics

Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate Program:

10+2 in any Discipline

For Postgraduate Program:

  • 2-year program (UG degree in any discipline with minimum 50% marks)
  • 1-year program (a 4-year UG degree with honours in any discipline, including BE/BTECH/MTECH/MCOM/BPHARM/BARCH/LLM with minimum 50% marks)


The MBA program exposes students to practitioner issues by continuously engaging the students with the industry through internships, field visits, short term projects and by inviting industry leaders into the classroom. The distinguishing feature of our MBA program is that the industry is embedded into our curriculum, so you develop the confidence for a successful corporate career while still in the classroom. The program recognises the need for a holistic development of a student and provides multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for our students using exploratory courses. Students can opt to earn credits in law, engineering, liberal arts and computer science courses while developing a core strength in Leadership, Strategy and other functional areas of the business.

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