Mr. Sharad Kumar
assistant Professor

Mr. Sharad Kumar, an esteemed faculty member specializing in International Business and Human Resource management. He is working as a Assistant Professor in the School of Management, IILM University, Greater Noida. He holds MBA degree from Mangalayatan University, Uttar Pradesh and Strategic Management-The Competitive Edge NPTEL Certification from IISc Bangalore and also certified from IIT Kharagpur in area of Management Information system.
Mr. Kumar is a multifaceted individual and actively engaged in Accreditation and Academic Administration for the past ten years. He earned with a wealth of knowledge and career spanning over 10+ years in academia and over a year in the corporate sector, Mr. Kumar brings a unique blend of theoretical expertise and practical insights to the realm of management. His professional journey is marked by International Business and human Resource management, Business Operation Management making him a valuable asset to the academic community.
Outside the classroom, he is actively involved in academic accreditation coordination and executive education initiatives within the university to address strategic challenges and develop talent. He brings his extensive industry experience to bear in these engagements, helping university navigate change and achieve their objectives.
Mr. Kumar commitment to continuous learning and professional development is underscored by his active participation in numerous Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), workshops and conferences.

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