Mr. Ashis Kumar Ratha
assistant professor

Ashis Kumar Ratha is an experienced faculty member with 15 years of teaching experience in engineering. He completed his MTech degree from KIIT University in Bhubaneswar, India, and is currently pursuing a PhD from SOA University in Bhubaneswar.
Ashis Kumar Ratha’s research interests primarily lie in the field of security data. He has a keen interest in exploring various aspects related to data security, such as encryption techniques, secure communication protocols, network security, and information security management. His research aims to address the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with securing data in various domains.
In terms of accomplishments, Ashis Kumar Ratha has published 7 papers in both national and international journals and conferences. These publications showcase his expertise and contributions to the field of security data. His research findings and insights contribute to the existing body of knowledge in the domain and provide valuable insights for professionals and researchers in the field of data security.
Overall, with a strong educational background, research interests in security data, and notable publications, Ashis Kumar Ratha brings valuable expertise and knowledge to the academic and research community.

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