Dr. Syed Mohd Shahzeb
assistant professor

Dr. Syed Mohd Shahzeb currently working as an Assistant Professor at IILM University, (School of Management), Greater Noida. He successfully obtained his Ph.D., focusing on ” A Study of India and West Asia Oil Trade and its Impact on Indian Economy Since 1991″. In recognition of his academic excellence, he was awarded with a two-year Fellowship by ICSSR, New Delhi in Economics.
His areas of research revolves around macroeconomics, applied econometrics, international trade, and energy economics. Several of his Articles/Research Papers got published in various national and international journals, showcasing his expertise and findings in these fields.
Prior to joining IILM, Dr. Shahzeb served as the Assistant Professor of Economics and International Business at UPES, Dehradun. In addition to his teaching role, he also undertook responsibilities in a program lead capacity. Dr. Shahzeb further contributed to the field as a research associate at the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. During the course of his professional tenure, he accumulated valuable experience and honed his expertise in Economics, international trade, bilateral and multilateral trade relations, and foreign trade policy.
Dr. Shahzeb’s teaching philosophy revolves around creating an environment that nurtures and encourages student learning. He is enthusiastic about introducing innovative ideas and pedagogical approaches, always open to incorporating the latest developments in various subjects. In his classes, students experienced a comprehensive learning through quizzes, assignments, case studies, and presentations. Dr. Shahzeb believes in amalgamating real-world data and practical scenarios for active engagement of the students. By tackling genuine problems, he also guided students towards developing advanced thinking skills, facilitating their transition from a beginner’s level to a more proficient and knowledgeable understanding of the subject matter.
Besides the academic pursuits, Dr Shahzeb is an avid traveller and enjoys exploring new places for improvising and broadening his horizons of research and to further add multifariousness to his skills. Additionally, he actively engages in various sports activities, acting as a catalyst of motivation for his students to pursue their own sports-related interests. By encouraging a well-rounded approach to life, Dr. Shahzeb aims to foster holistic growth among his students.

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