Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sharma

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sharma is a faculty of Mathematics at IILM, Greater Noida. He comes with an enriching experience of 15+ years and has been teaching at IILM, Greater Noida for over 12 years. Dr Sharma has a keen interest in the area of metric space and functional analysis. Dr Sharma is an active member of examination cell and he has vast experience in conduction examination at college level and university level also. Additionally, he has worked as Controller of Examination.


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, SNU Ranchi (2015)
    – Topic: Unified common fixed point theorem for mappings in metric and fuzzy metric spaces
  • M.Phil. Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra Haryana (2005)
    – Mathematics
  • M.Sc., CCS University, Meerut (2002)
    – Mathematics
  • B.Sc., CCS University, Meerut (2000)
    – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Research & Publications

  • Sandeep Kumar, 2014. “Fixed Point Theorems for Weak Compatible Mappings” in volume 3, issue 8, October 2014 in the international journal of computer and mathematical science.
  • Sandeep Kumar, 2014. “MHD free convective oscillatory Rivlin-Ericksen fluid flow past a porous plate embedded in a porous medium in the presence of heat source with chemical reaction” in Pelagia Research Library 2014, 5(4): 30-45.
  • Sandeep Kumar, 2020.”Common Fixed-Point Theorems Satisfying Integral Type Contractive Conditions published in Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures, ISSN: 2394-1979 Vol 7, No 1 (2020): 16-22.
  • Sandeep Kumar, 2020.”Certain Results Involving Ramanujan’s Theta Function Published in Research & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical Structures, ISSN: 2394-1979Vol 7, No 1 (2020): 6-15.
  • Sandeep Kumar (2022). Two echelon inventory models with the market price, advertisement, and discount sensitive demand in the non-co-operative environment.Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology. (Scopus) Accepted.
  • Sandeep Kumar (2021). Forecasting of consumption of fertilizers in India: an alarming condition. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection. 41(12), 1428 – 1438 (Scopus)
  • Sandeep Kumar (2020). Determining Decision Variables for Manufacturer and Retailer in the Co-operative and Non-Cooperative Environment: A Game Theory Approach.International Journal of Supply and Operations Management 7(2), 129-38. (Scopus)
  • Sandeep Kumar (2022). Prediction of Smartphone Users in India Using Trend Analysis Looking for Better Planning of E-Waste. ECOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT AND CONSERVATION. (WOS & UGC care) Accepted

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