Dr. Roma Chandra
Associate Professor

Dr. Roma Chandra is a faculty of Department of Biotechnology at IILM, Greater Noida since 2010. She has an experience of 12 years of teaching. Her teaching expertise areas include Bioinformatics and Biochemistry. She had worked on research & review articles in the domain of Bioinformatics published in reputed journals. She had also presented and published papers in National and International conferences. She had conducted Faculty development programs, webinars and hands on sessions in the area of Bioinformatics. She had conducted conferences and seminars and had been an active member of various events conducted at institute level. She is the editor of departmental magazine and had coordinated various of student’s club activities. Her strengths include self-motivation & confidence, leadership quality, positive & keep going attitude and to stay in learning mode bringing innovative ideas to work with new technologies.


  • Ph.D. In Bioinformatics from Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula(2020).
  • M.Tech. In Bioinformatics from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (2010).
  • B.Tech. In Biotechnology in I.E.TKhandari Campus, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra (2008).


  • GATE Qualified
  • Completed Coursera Courses:
    -> Plant bioinformatics – University of Toronto (8 weeks)
    -> Drug discovery –UC San Diego (3 weeks)
    -> DNA Decoded –Mc Master University (4 weeks)
    -> Introduction to Genome Technologies –John Hopkins University (4 weeks)
    -> Mind control: Managing your mental health during covid-19 – University of Toronto (4 weeks)
    -> Drug Development – UC San Diego (3 weeks).
    -> Drug Commercialization –UC San Diego(4 weeks).
    -> Biochemical Principles of Energy Metabolism – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) (7 weeks).


Research/Review /Conference Articles

  1. Roma Chandra, “In Silico Study of Secondary Structure of Hemoglobin Protein”, RJPT,14(12),2021.
  2. Susmita Saha,Roma Chandra, Tapan Majumder, “A serological study of Dengue Virus and Chikungunya virus: To check the infection and co-infection between these two viruses in Tripura”, IJPR,13(4),2021.
  3. Roma Chandra, Sapna Yadav,“Molecular Docking studies of Drug receptor Interaction for Bioweapon Brucella” in AICTE Sponsored Online National Conference on “Precision Medicine: Current Scenario and Future Aspects” organized by Sir Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy, Indore.24th-25th Sep,2021.
  4. Roma Chandra, Susmita Saha, “A serological study to check infection and co-infection between Dengue Virus and Chikungunya virus in Tripura” in (27th International Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences (CONIAPS XXVII) on “Mathematical Modelling in Biological Sciences” organized by NIT Silchar, Assam, October 2021.
  5. Roma Chandra, Sapna Yadav, “In Silico Analysis and Molecular Docking Studies of Cajanus cajan Lectin against Aminopeptidase-N Receptor from Acyrthosiphonpisum” in (27th International Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences (CONIAPS XXVII) on “Mathematical Modelling in Biological Sciences” organized by NIT Silchar, Assam, October 2021.
  6. Shivangi Singh, Roma Chandra, “Docking study of FLT3 receptor with tyrosine kinase for leukemia disease”, International Conference on BioTrendz: Advancement & Challenges in Science & Technology, organized by NIET Gr. Noida, 2020.
  7. Roma Chandra, Sumit Kumar, “Pairwise sequence alignment – A global alignment approach”,EJPMR, 6(2):270-272, 2019.
  8. Roma Chandra, “Study of Microarray biological data using data mining”, WJPPS,8(1):1443-1452,2019.
  9. Roma Chandra, Sumit Kumar, Mahira Khan, “Study of miRNA-based gene regulation involved in squamous lung carcinoma by assistance of argonaute protein”,IJRDPL,7(1):2913-2917,2018.
  10. Roma Chandra, Study of miRNA mRNA Modules and their Relationship with Cancer Pathways, JPSR, 9(1):10 -13,2017.
  11. Roma Chandra, miRNA: Biogenesis, Functions, Gene Targets, Prediction tools & Databases – A Review, RJPT, 10(6),2017.
  12. Roma Chandra, Sumit Kumar, In Silico approach to construct miRNA mRNA Module, IJLTEMAS, 5 (4): 46-48,2016.
  13. Roma Chandra, microRNA mRNA module prediction leading to microarray data analysis to develop gene regulatory network, IJESRT,3(11),2014.
  14. Roma Chandra, Predicting Relationship between microRNAs and mRNA Target Genes and Their Regulatory Effect in Biological Networks, International Conference on Recent Advances in Developing Biomarker Technology & Application of NGS in Pharmacogenomics. (Organized by Shobhit University, Saharanpur & Micelles Life Sciences),2014.


    1. FDP Coordinator – ATAL FDP – IILM Gr.Noida on Computer Science and Biology: Impact of Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology on Drug Discovery, 4 Oct – 8 Oct, 2021.
    2. Completed ATAL FDP – MNIT Jaipur on Computer Science and Biology from 18 Jan – 22 Jan, 2021.
    3. Completed ATAL FDP – IILM Gr.Noida on Waste Technology from 27 Jan – 31 Jan, 2021.
    4. Completed ATAL FDP – NITTR,Chandigarh on Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom from 8 Feb – 12 Feb ,2021.
    5. Completed ATAL FDP – IIIT Allahabad – Computer aided drug design in drug discovery from 6 Sep -10 Sep.2021.
    6. Completed FDP – ICT Tools for Teaching ,Learning Process & Institutes – 13-17 Jan,2020 ,NIT Patana
    7. Completed FDP – ICT Based Teaching Learning – 01-05 July,2020 ,RCP Roorkee
    8. Completed FDP – Research Orientation in Engineering with Effective Outcomes – 26-30 July,2020,KIET Ghaziabad
    9. Completed FDP on “Current Progress and Future prospects of Biotechnology” from 8th -13th June,2020 organized by CBIT,Hyderabad
    10. Completed STTP – Learning Management System :Moodle – 10-14 Aug,2020 , NIT Warangal
    11. Attended Webinar – Covid Biology – 16-19 Aug,2020,IISER,Kolkatta
    12. Attended Workshop on Teaching Learning through Google classroom – 04/11/2020 – CS Deptt. – IILM
    13. Completed Workshop on Making tomorrow : Aptitude skill Building workshop – 24/11/2020 -CS Deptt. IILM
    14. Completed TEQIP III STC – Technological Challenges & Opportunities in COVID-19 Outbreak – 6-10 July,2020, NIT Uttrarakhand

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