Dr. Deepak Gautam
assistant professor

Dr. Deepak Gautam is a dynamic researcher hailing from the prestigious IIT Delhi. His expertise spans Operations Research, Mathematical Modeling, and Public Policy, where he has spearheaded innovative research in optimizing the reverse logistics of used Electric Vehicle batteries. Holding a master’s in industrial management from IIT (BHU) Varanasi, Dr. Gautam has contributed to internationally reputed journals like the Journal of Cleaner Production, and Sustainable Development. Not only is he a published author, but he also serves as a reviewer for esteemed journals, underscoring his dedication to academic excellence.
Dr. Gautam has led two major research projects: a NICDC-funded initiative optimizing locations for Industrial Corridor Projects, and “Electric Vehicles and Batteries: Unleashing the Future of Sustainable Mobility,” funded by Mitsui & Co. He also contributed to a project on global air pollution reduction programs funded by the Arun Duggal Centre of Excellence. His work fosters sustainable and economically viable solutions for the future.

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