BBA (Hons.) – Aviation Operations

4 Years Program

Program Overview

The BBA (Hons.) Aviation Operations Degree program at IILM University spans 3 to 4 years, providing a specialized focus on aviation operations for a comprehensive understanding of global business management within the aviation industry. The program’s innovative teaching approach emphasizes a multidisciplinary perspective, enabling students to engage in cross-listed electives from the second year, fostering a diverse learning experience across various IILM University schools.

The curriculum offers flexibility in the final year, allowing students to choose electives aligned with their evolving interests, reflecting a liberal and globally-oriented educational philosophy.


Choose your path to success with specializations in
  • Airline Operations Management
  • Airport Security and Safety Management
  • Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Aviation Regulatory Compliance
  • Aircraft fleet Planning and Management

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What Sets BBA at IILM University Apart?

“IILM University’s BBA program in Aviation Operations is uniquely tailored to blend management principles with the intricacies of aviation dynamics. Enriched with hands-on experience in aviation projects and a diverse range of interdisciplinary studies, the program promotes holistic development and future-readiness. Our dynamic teaching methods and innovative curriculum address the complexities of the evolving global business environment, aligning seamlessly with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020). This program integrates global perspectives with local insights, offering a versatile educational experience for success in the field of aviation operations.”

Successful Completion of Class XII examination or equivalent (CBSE, ISC, IB, Cambridge, and other government-recognized school leaving examinations).

The BBA (Hons.) program in Aviation Operations at IILM University is a comprehensive 3/4-year undergraduate course designed to provide students with a solid foundation in business and management principles, coupled with specialized knowledge in aviation operations.

Structured into eight semesters, each semester includes a mix of core and elective courses. Core courses cover fundamental business concepts such as aviation management, airport operations, airline operations, and aviation safety. Elective options, including Aviation Security, Air Traffic Management, Aviation Economics, and Aviation Regulations, allow students to specialize according to their interests.

In addition to classroom learning, the program integrates experiential elements like aviation projects, case studies, and simulations, providing practical insights and preparing students for real-world challenges in the dynamic field of aviation operations.

The BBA (Hons.) program in Aviation Operations at IILM University not only imparts a robust understanding of business and management principles but also provides specialized knowledge in aviation operations. This well-rounded education opens up diverse career pathways across various sectors within the aviation industry.

Students will intern with airlines, airports, aviation authorities, and aviation management consultancies, gaining practical experience in areas such as airport planning, airline scheduling, and aviation safety protocols.

The BBA (Hons.) Aviation Operations program at IILM University equips students with a solid foundation in business and management principles, coupled with specialized knowledge in aviation operations. This well-rounded education creates pathways to diverse career opportunities in the dynamic and critical field of aviation operations.

Graduates specializing in Aviation Operations can pursue roles in airline management, airport operations, aviation safety management, and air traffic control. Opportunities also exist in aviation consulting, regulatory authorities, and aviation logistics, allowing graduates to contribute to the efficient and safe functioning of the aviation industry on a global scale.

Admissions Open for 2024
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