tech-sparkThe Tech Spark Club organized by the School of Computer Science and Engineering of IILM university aims to foster a vibrant and dynamic community among computer science enthusiasts and professionals. Our main objective is to give students a platform where they can improve their technical abilities, work together on creative projects, and stay current with recent developments in the industry. We work to establish a space where members can participate in practical learning experiences, share expertise, and investigate cutting-edge technologies through a wide range of activities. Workshops, seminars, and guest lectures by professionals from the business are a few of these events.

The club also intends to host networking occasions to introduce students to professionals in the field and present beneficial chances for internships, mentoring, and career advice. By setting up study groups, and code review sessions, we also hope to encourage knowledge exchange.

We intend to host a range of programmes all year long to accommodate the diverse interests of our members. Organising Tech seminars on hot topics like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and software development approaches falls under this category.

The Tech Spark Club is dedicated to fostering teamwork, creativity, and continuous learning. We think that participating in these events and programmes will help all the students.

Name of Faculty Incharge: Ms. Aanchal Phutela | Mr. Shantanu | Assistant Professor | CSE
Name of President (Student): Mr. Saquib Quamar [2020-2024]
Vice President(Student): Mr. Moshahid Hassan [2020-2024]
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