oormiOormi” means wave of emotions in sanskirt. Dance is an expression of these wave of emotions we all go through. Our mission is to instill a great love of dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts. We provide a solid technical foundation for a developing dancer. We appreciate that the heart of a dancer is born into many different bodies and the love of dance can take on many different styles. We will develop well-prepared dancers, should they so choose to pursue the arts professionally and create a platform for them to showcase their talent. Once a dancer always a dancer, dance is something students can come back to during all stages of their life.

Vision: Believing in the healing power of the arts, inclusive and supportive, mindfulness, positive words of encouragement and inspiration, to create greater compassion and empathy, love, kindness, connection and joy, and build strong, healthy, caring communities. Oormi’s vision is determined through the eyes of our dancers. WE plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream.

Our long-term vision is to inspire our community with competitive and non-competitive dance education and offer many performance opportunities in a facility that will motivate, educate, and develop an appreciation of the fine arts.


  • To hold weekly practices and gathering within the society members.
  • Join and win various intra as well as inter college fests, dance competition and events.
  • Manage to dancing and performing both in modern and traditional dances.
  • Create and conduct our own social day dancing within orphanages.
  • To enhance dance skills, and learn the many different dances that exists.
  • To have a workshop with a well learned choreography once every 3 months.

President: Anshara Zafar
Vice President: Priya Sharma
Faculty In charge: Dr. Suhani Sharma
Location: Cabin 302, Third Floor, IGSM Building
Membership Form: https://forms.gle/giR4KhzXvT2cUMn27

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