Mooting makes you brave and confident personality. The challenge and the excitement that you experience while mooting cannot be gained in classes. The exercise of mooting is one of the highlights of every law curriculum as it teaches students skills quintessential for solving legal problems.

IILM Moot Court Society [‘IILM-MCS’] is a student led initiative, which works hand in hand with the administration for planning, training and executing its activities and aims to provide a platform to students to inculcate and enhance advocacy skills. We work with diverse students and help them in growing the best version of themselves. With an intent to instill aptitude for not just learning what the law is about but also applying and interpreting the law in any given situation.

IILM-MCSen visions to play a pivotal role in the training of students for clinical legal work as well as preparing them for practice as well as research for their legal profession. The MCS follows a policy of encouraging participation in mooting from all batches, organizes extensive workshops and demonstrations to enable them to learn the process of mooting and arranges for interactive sessions with experienced mooters and litigators across the nation. IILM-MCS aims hopes to create a strong tradition of successful mooting for years to come for the students.


    • To plan, organize and execute Moot Court Competitions at National, International and at University Level.
  • The society also facilitates the internal selection procedure to choose teams to represent the college in external competitions organized both nationally and internationally.
  • It organizes training programs and workshops by experts regularly to hone students’ negotiation, mediation, research, drafting and argumentative skills at the nascent stages of college.
  • To appoint a Moot Court Society in-charge and legal strategists to support and guide the teams in their respective competition.

Faculty in Charge: Mr. Rachit Sharma
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