connectorsThe HR Club “Connectors” of IILM University Greater Noida aims to serve as a platform for both the Human Resource Management Students and those students who are interested in personal and professional development. The clubs provide opportunities for Management students to network, share ideas, learn new skills, and stay up to date on current trends and best practices in the field of HR.HR Club will offer students ample opportunities to enhance different skills and competencies by organizing, managing and participating in various HR activities and events.

  • To provide knowledge about the changing corporate trends
  • To enhance employability skills of HR aspirants
  • To bring out and develop innovation and creativity among students of HR
  • To enhance social, interpersonal and team management skills of students
  • To build up and nurture networking with alumni and top HR professionals from various sectors.

HR club “Connectors” organize events, conferences, workshops, and webinars on various HR-related topics, such as employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, performance management, talent acquisition, and more. In addition to networking and professional development opportunities, HR clubs also provides a sense of community and support for HR professionals, who may sometimes feel isolated or overwhelmed in their roles. By connecting with other HR professionals, members can share their experiences and insights, and build relationships that can help them navigate the challenges of their jobs.

Some of the activities organized by the IILM HR Club are:

  • Stress Interview Think Corp Corporate Catwalk Quiz
  • Roleplay
  • Extempore

Faculty In Charge: Dr. Shyamali Satpathy
President: Sakshi Sinha
Vice President: Tharun Adari & Asha Singh
Location: Cabin 304, Third Floor, IGSM Building
Membership Form:

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