CINELITAre you passionate about the enchanting worlds of movies and literature? Look no further! Welcome to CanLit, a vibrant club at IILM that celebrates the magical fusion of cinema and literature.

CineLit is a haven for film buffs and bookworms alike, where we come together to explore the captivating narratives found in both mediums. Whether you find solace in the pages of a well-worn novel or poetry or drama or lose yourself in the immersive realm of cinema, this club offers the perfect platform to indulge in your love for storytelling.

Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey through the realms of cinematic and literary masterpieces. Our club organizes regular screenings of thought-provoking films, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary gems, carefully selected to stimulate discussions and ignite your imagination. We also host engaging book club sessions, where we delve into literary works that have inspired and influenced lives and generations!

Faculty In charge: Dr. Rajkishan Nair
Location: Cabin 307, Third Floor, IGSM building
Membership Form:

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