Ms. Bhavana Dhoundiyal
assistant Professor

Ms. Bhavana, comes from a defense background and despite a heavy pressure to pursue a career in defense, she was destined to become a highly accomplished academic professional with a strong background in teaching and research.
After pursuing her elementary and secondary studies from Mumbai, she moved to Delhi to pursue a professional course in law. Right now, in the final stage of her Ph.D. in Law titled on “Female Genital Mutilation,” she has established herself as an expert in her field through numerous publications focusing global issues on women, sustainable development goals and law. With over 3.5 years of teaching experience and industry experience since 2016, having empaneled with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, she brings with her a varied experience from many branches of law. A recipient of Bharat Excellence Award 2022 and young researcher award 2021, renowned for her exceptional communication skills and ability to engage students. Her extensive research experience and presentations at various conferences and seminars have further solidified her reputation as a thought leader in her domain. Her role as an editor in various publication bodies and more than 10 research papers including Scopus and web of science in her name, her thirst for new avenues of exploration with a commitment to excellence, learning and innovation keeps her ignited. She is poised to make a significant impact in her next role with IILM, Gr. Noida fueled by the energy to grow and learn with the organization.

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