Training for Students

IILM Grads are trained in aspects beyond books. Various placement related trainings are provided to students from the very beginning of first year based on their profiles. Training is a proper mix of in-house training and trainings by experts. Company based tests are conducted according to the pattern of the company. Under mentoring and coaching programme, students are coached in areas of soft skills like etiquette, interpersonal relationships, networking and communication. They are groomed to enter a globally integrated business environment through a mandatory global study program to acquaint them to cultures and practices outside India. They work on team building and leadership through a variety of extra-curricular activities through participation in campus events, conferences and fairs. It is an all-round development that is provided to our students, which makes them a cut above the rest, a pool of talent to recruit from. Periodic assessment along with feedback and individual counselling to the students are provided.

Domain wise student database is prepared for students. Following training sessions are provided to the students.

• Sessions on aptitude test
• Soft skills and working on English communication with the students
• Conducting Group Discussions
• Psychometric tests
• Conducting Mock interviews

Workshop on career development journey (knowing about self-skill set, interest, job market, developing career path etc.) is conducted for students.

Training of IILM graduates is divided under two major heads:

1. Inhouse Training: In-house training allows graduates to develop job-related skills as well as it focuses on communication. There are few organisations that guide individuals to invest in enhancing their employability skills and IILM graduates are fortunate enough to get these opportunities by market leaders. These training sessions focus on re-orienting the curricula to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

a. SAIP (Summer Academic Internship Program): This brings the opportunity to enhance skill set of IILM graduates through its specially designed Summer Academic & Internship Program. This program is first of its kind and offers a multidisciplinary learning platform to school and college students under the guidance of National and International academic and industry experts.

b. College to Corporate Program: Soft Skills and Life skills are an integral part of life. Moreover, every person has to work towards it, since personality development is necessary for success in any field. The objective of this course is to provide students with a framework for re-structuring their existing skill sets through Personality Development,Communication skills, Team Building, Personal Impact, and Effectiveness skills to improve the practical understanding of self and the environment. Hence enabling students to sharpen their Soft Skills. This program will assist students to evolve as more advanced individuals through behavioural competence by effectively learning to handle life challenges in a dynamic environment with a cross-cultural context. On successful Completion of this session, the students will able to sharpen their interpersonal skills and can be a better achiever, both individually as well as cohesively.

c. Training by Industry Experts: IILM has tie ups with renowned training partners for providing best in class expert sessions to train students for a better future. Some of the training partners include Edunet Foundation for IBM Skills Build Program, Global Talent Track (GTT) for implementation of Barclay’s Soft Skill as well as technical training program etc.

d. Guest Lectures and Webinars by industry stalwarts: Students can gain a lot from guest lectures, and they can also be a excellent resource for learning about challenges faced in real corporate world. In addition to educating students about their path to success, guest speakers inspire them to achieve new heights in their professions. Students can learn about the hardships of successful entrepreneurs and alumni by interacting with them.

e. Alumni Sessions: Objective of alumni session is to initiate an interaction between senior students and current batch students to make them aware of the latest market trends and technology. During sessions, alumni guide them on how to overcome challenges and stepping stones which will help them to build their career. Apart from this, alumni mock sessions are also conducted to make students familiar with the interview process.

2. Industrial Training: Trainings provided onsite in the industry prepares students for real corporate world. IILM provides these industry interactions through various modes as follows:

a. Summer Internship Programs: Internships are advantageous since they expand opportunities, enhance character, and helps to develop the professional abilities of IILM graduates. Students will be offered the best possible chance to find and apply for a job by investing in internships. Students and recent graduates’ benefit from it by getting hands-on experience in the workplace and by developing the skills needed to stand out in a saturated job market.

b. Career Development Projects: Engineering sector needs multi-talented, innovative individuals who can solve problems both independently and as part of motivated teams. This project simulates a work environment where specialists collaborate to tackle a challenging issue and pool their knowledge and experience to find a workable solution. The challenge is a fantastic chance for students to collaborate in design teams to learn project management fundamentals and important skills, as well as to establish connections with “engineering” organizations.

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