Legal Research is a vital skill in legal practice as research is the lawyer’s key skill. Effective research takes in every aspect and every stage of the case. Vidhi – Society for Legal Research strives to expand the horizons of the law and come up with substantial and groundbreaking research in the field of law, policy and social research. Research will make students aware about Legal Materials and will familiar students with multiple sources and different techniques for researching various types of problems.

School of Law, IILM University envisions to create a research-oriented law culture to ensure that students are involved with the research process from the very nascent stage. This will allow the students to be fully aware about the legal cases, news, laws etc. which will develop their inquisitive minds and broaden their horizon towards the field of law. This research society will also carry out interdisciplinary research thereby, catering to the students of other disciplines as well.


  • Carry out research in the field of law and allied disciplines to cater to the research wing of the university.
  • Create Case Digests and commentaries on specific subjects and topics.
  • Keep a track on recent case laws and make comments and notes on landmark cases.
  • To ascertain the merits and demerits of old law and to give suggestions for a new law in place of old law
  • Conduct workshops and programmes to train students for effective Legal Research.

Faculty in Charge: Dr. Sonia Khera
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