legal-aidAccess to justice is the biggest and most intrinsic problem faced by India today. Poverty, ignorance and inaccessibility to justice of vast majority of poor, downtrodden, neglected and exploited class poses a great threat to the very foundation of our constitution i.e. the goal of achieving a society based on the concept of justice. As an answer to these grievances, the students of IILM Law School established the Legal Aid and Social Awareness Society.

IILM Legal Aid Club [‘IILM-LAC’] is a student body in the University that imparts legal aid and undertakes social awareness program under its aegis. The Committee inducts students to use their knowledge of law to provide free legal aid to those who are most in need of it through various media. The Legal Aid functions that the Committee performs are preventive, remedial, activist and reformative.

IILM-LAC envisions to play a pivotal role in the training of students for clinical legal work as well as preparing them for practice as well as research for their legal profession and the services offered by IILM Legal Aid Club are:

1. Free Legal Aid & Legal Literacy Camps
2. Women Empowerment
3. Juvenile Justice
4. Social Justice
5. Research Projects
6. Senior Citizens
7. Legal Awareness Seminar
8. Social Justice
9. Research Projects
10. Senior Citizens
11. Legal Awareness Seminars
12. Public Interest Litigation


  • To plan, organize and execute Legal Aid Camps at National, International and at University Level.
  • The Club is deeply committed towards its creating legal awareness and providing legal aid with the assistance of a lawyer at the Legal Services Clinic, Campus Law Centre.
  • The legal aid society aims to disseminate legal information among those who cannot afford legal services by way of legal literacy programs in and around campus in consonance with the provisions of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987.
  • Legal Aid Clinics are manned by Para-Legal Volunteers with a sense of commitment, sensibility, and sensitiveness to the problems of common people.

Faculty in Charge: Mr. Paras Yadav
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