ecofinECOFIN as the name itself signifies the collaboration of economics and finance clubbed together for a specific motive that is financial literacy and economic awareness among the students. The EcoFin club has been made with a initiative to simplify learning among students with the various event modes such as Quiz, Debate, Guest Lectures, Financial Literacy Campaign, etc. Ecofin is all about making the students understand the dynamic economic policies in respect to their financial standards and consumptions.

Events such as Quiz enables the people to tease their brain and put that one extra effort in their daily routine life to know about their surroundings. Financial literacy campaign through Guest Lectures helps the student to get involved with the industry person and unleash their innovative and critical thinking abilities in relation to the economic stability of the nation. It also teaches students financial literacy to be economically independent and consciously plan their future in order to become responsible citizens towards their family and nation.

Faculty In Charge: Dr. Shivi Mittal
President: Shashank Varshney
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