Undergraduate Programs

So, you have finished school, now what? An undergraduate degree in a college/ university? Let us understand how an undergraduate degree can help you and how to make most of it.

As you move into the higher education phase of your life, you must take a pause and review what kind of a person you are, what you would want to do in life, what kind of experiences you would like to have, what skills would you like to acquire and what would make you happy in the long run. A bachelor’s degree of 3-4 years at IILM University gives you ample opportunities and scope to find answers to all of this and more.

At IILM University, you can choose to study Business Management, Law or Liberal Arts, major in Psychology, Fashion Design, International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Journalism etc. You will get to study foundation courses, ones that will shape your thinking process, make you inquisitive and analytical at the same time and sharpen your decision making abilities. You will study subjects from foundation level to a deeper level and acquire major specialization in a chosen area. Additionally you will also get a wide choice of subjects to choose from, ones that pick your attention and you would also like to have a minor specialization for a niche career. You can also instead select a bouquet of courses that you have an interest in but do not want to develop into a specialization.

During your IILM University Undergraduate degree experience, you’ll meet and interact with new people with different ideologies, backgrounds, motives, and perceptions, that will help expand your mental horizons. Your learning both inside and outside traditional classes, your teachers, and your peers will encourage you to come up with innovative ideas, ones that can lead to solving problems or even setting up an enterprise of your own. IILM University experience will give you opportunities your Communication style, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capabilities. It will offer varied opportunities for you to learn how to think critically in a variety of ways in a liberal education environment. You will get multiple opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities, that will help you develop confidence, make great friends, and have life time experiences.

Admissions Open for 2024
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