Dr. Pratima Parashar Pandey

Dr. Pratima Parashar Pandey is a faculty of Physics, Materials Science and Nanotechnology at IILM, Greater Noida. She comes with an enriching experience of 22+ years and has been teaching at IILM, Greater Noida for over 10 years. Dr Pandey has a keen interest in analysing the characterization, electrical, optical and morphological properties of polymer composites and their applications. She is in the field of polymer blends and composites for twenty years and has published about fourteen papers in cited journals. Since, last ten years she is in the field of metal nano polymer composites and have twelve research papers in SCI journals. She has been Editor, reviewer, technical programme member and invited and keynote speaker for many International and National conferences. She has been National scholarship holder throughout her education.


  • Post doc., Nanotechnology, Mangolore University, Mangalagangotri, Karnataka(2007)
  • Post doc., Materials Science,Thapar Institute Engineering & technology(deemed University)Punjab & Rani durgavati University, MP.((1992)
  • Ph.D., Materials Science, RD University, MP (1988)
    – Topic: Mechanical Properties of Polymers
  • M.Sc., Postgraduate dept of Physics & Electronics, RD university, MP (1980)
    – Physics specialization in Electronics & Solid State (1st class, Ist Position)
  • B.Sc., RD University, MP (1978) – Major: Pure & Applied Mathematics, Physics (1st class,)
  • Certifications in Human values, Solar cells & Relativity) ( NPTEL,AKTU)



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Chapters Contributed

Books Contributed

  • Editor: Book ‘Pyridine’ , 2018,Intech publication
  • Book titled ‘Silver nano polymer composite in Antimicrobial approach’ published in Lambert academic publication.ISBN978-620-3-19469-2.