Dr. Deepak Gola
Assistant Professor

Dr. Deepak Gola is a faculty of Department of Biotechnology at IILM, Greater Noida. He has a teaching experience of 4 year. Dr. Deepak research area includes Wastewater Analysis & Treatment, Bioreactor Designing, Nanobiotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology. Dr. Deepak has published almost 40 research paper, book chapter and review in last 6 year. He has published one patent on biological wastewater treatment too. He Qualified GATE-2012 (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering in Biotechnology) and CEEB-2010 (Conducted by DBT)with All India rank 288 and 10, respectively. He won Excellent Paper Award for the category best presentation in 52nd ISERD International Conference Athens, Greece (2016).


  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (2018)
    Topic: Wastewater Treatment
  • M Tech., Biotechnology (2012)
    Topic: Biotechnology
  • B Tech., Ambala College of Engineering (Kurukshetra University) (1979)
    Topic: Biotechnology


Publications in Refereed Journals

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Chapters Contributed

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