Dept. of Applied Sciences

Applied science is a discipline of science that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, such as technology and inventions. The department of applied science and humanities which includes physics, chemistry and mathematics is a base of engineering which ultimately develops technology.

Our faculty members who are well qualified with masters/ doctorate from reputed institutes and universities like IIT, MNIT, NITs, DU, JNU, AMU, RDU, LU, UPTU etc, have good exposures in the field of research and development related to science, information and technology. They are committed to provide high quality, policy relevant education based in our fields of research. To implement theoretical learning, our premises are equipped with following state of art laboratories, Applied Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab.

The Department organizes lots of national level seminars based on emerging topics in the various fields of science and technology. In order to explore the theoretical concepts of applied and Physical Sciences the department regularly conducts various workshops in multi-disciplinary areas. The various workshops organised so far are Non conventional sources of energy, Emergence of Nanotechnology and Interdisciplinary Research on Engineering Applications. To focus on research and development activity, the department also encourages both faculty members and students to get national and international fellowships or projects from various national and international well reputed foundations such as Fire Bird Foundation (USA), JSPS (Japan), CSIR (India) etc. From such fellowships and projects the faculty members are able to share their knowledge and experiences with students. Within the class room and lab, our faculty members challenge our students to understand the emerging fundamental concepts of mathematics physics, chemistry and humanities in terms of implementing designing, modelling and experimenting the theoretical concepts in lab or in other virtual world. The department of applied science also associated with the imminent and senior scientists from various government universities/ institutes such as from SCIS, JNU, AIIMS New Delhi, Guru Jambeshwar University Haryana, University of California, and Berkeley etc.

Applied Mathematics is used through-out the world as an essential tool in many fields including natural science engineering, medicine and the social sciences. Mathematics inculcates the ability to analyse the problems and helps to take rational decisions. It helps to make connections between two unrelated topics, therefore our well qualified and experienced faculty prepare students for a wide variety of careers that require a sound mathematics background including engineering and management.

The study of applied Physics is an essential prerequisite for an engineering degree, which is the scientific study of matter and energy. Topics taught include classical and modern theories, optics, electricity, magnetism and relativity. Complex concepts are practically taught to the students through experiments and demonstrations in the lab. They are encouraged to conduct independent research as well. Physics lab is divided into two sections-dark room where experiments on optics, polarization, diffraction and interference of light beam are conducted. The other section of lab as experiments related to electricity and magnetism along with material characterization. Students are also exposed to the basics of material science and their application in their specific branch.

In Chemistry students study theory of different matters in terms of their nature, purification and characterization. Emphasis is laid on the understanding of material properties and there atomic and molecular structure. The syllabus is designed to strengthen the fundamentals of chemistry and then build an interface of theoretical concepts with their industrial / engineering applications. The chemistry lab is well equipped with modern instruments like digital ph meter, calorimeter, magnetic stirrer, furnace, electric oven, centrifuge and other analytical instruments needed for basic research as well as teaching at the undergraduate level.

The Humanities department includes the study of English communication, business communication; which form a part of communication studies. An overview of Human Values and Professional Ethics, Managerial Economics, Industrial Management and Industrial Psychology and Sociology; also are parts of their curriculum. In today’s competitive world a student must not only have sound technical knowledge, but must also be equipped with the ability to meet the challenges of the real world, for this the department has well thought out Personality Development Programme and Mentoring Programme. Workshops are held on regular basis to help them in understanding the various aspects of communication. The Department of Humanities provide an efficient and effective learning environment to the students from diverse backgrounds. The students are encouraged to use their experiences as a key learning tool in humanities.