IILM University will foster academic excellence, application oriented research and innovation. We aim to promote entrepreneurship and employability with a focus on skill development and technology.

Global: To promote education that offers global perspective and is characterised by distinctive curricula and co-curricular programmes. IILM University aims to engage globally for academic partnerships to facilitate enriching learning experiences for students and advancement of knowledge.

Inclusive: IILM University will be an inclusive institution seeking talented students and staff, irrespective of social or economic circumstances. We would give students wider access through scholarships ensuring no talented student is left behind. We will promote and educate women equipping them with necessary skills for success in life.

Responsible: IILM University aims to give students knowledge, skills and values to become responsible and responsive leaders with moral and ethical values. We endeavor to promote the social, economic and environmental development of local, national and global communities. The concept of sustainability will be embedded in all our actions.