Personalised Mentoring

Personalised Mentoring: is a process that provides alot of emotional support to a student. Every student on campus is connected to a mentor. The mentor becomes a lifelong guide to the student. Mentoring is a very personalized and effective process that contributes towards shaping students’ personality and enables them to achieve their goals. Mentoring helps students unearth their latent potential and tap into their strengths. The emotional and psychological is enhanced through mentoring. The mentoring process at IILM provides personalized attention to the student where the mentor is the point of contact for the parents.

Professional Mentoring

We are committed to maximize the value add to students from entry till exit. Keeping this in mind, IILM’s mentori0ng programme is conceived to provide students with the necessary professional and personal skill sets that would make them competent in the rapidly changing business environment. The prime objective of the mentoring process at IILM is to guide students in wisely choosing their careers.

The faculty mentor guides and advises the student on a regular basis, right from the choice of pathways to the final placement to enable him/her to make informed and best possible choices regarding their career.

IILM, beyond comparison, is uniquely committed to nurture a personal and mutual relationship between the mentor and the mentee which allows for a holistic understanding of the student’s aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, interests and overall personality which goes a long way in contributing to the all-round growth, development and progress of the student both as a professional and as a human being.