IILM University gives its students the flexibility to carve their own path by choosing their specialisations after exploring various disciplines. This freedom to make informed decisions puts them on an accelerated path to achieve their goals.

Educational Goals & Aspirations: The endeavor is to bring out the best in every student. Our programmes are designed to ensure the goal achievement and to maintain the drive for higher learning.

Integrated Approach: This principle is designed to acquaint students with multiple perspectives regarding numerous areas of knowledge and modes of inquiry outside of their major discipline. Various courses across disciplines such as liberal arts, management, engineering, technology and design.

Real Time & Experiential Learning: The unique pedagogy of experiential learning encapsulates reflection, critical analysis and synthesis. Through intellectual and creative engagement, students evolve to become emotionally and socially intelligent individuals.

Profound Understanding: The interdisciplinary study at IILM allows the students to learn by making connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplinary boundaries. Learning in this way enables application of knowledge gained across disciplines. Deepening the learning experience by enhancing their capability to make informed and independent decisions.

Job & Industry Readiness: The World Economic Forum 2020, lists the must-have skills, these are embedded as part of our vision and mission statement. Essential job skills like analytical, critical reasoning, effective communication, IT skills, academic writing, problem solving and adaptability, are inculcated in the students through the curriculum.

Social Responsibility: Students acquire a sensitivity to mindful and cognizant social responsibility and the ethical implication of their actions. Businesses recognize the importance of being socially and environmentally conscious; being a member of PRME, provides a great platform to the students to develop into thoughtful and humble individuals.

IILM University will offer the programs under the following four schools