Introduction to IILM

ears of experience in training future entrepreneurs and managers, IILM has established a strong base of 9000+ alumni making it the preferred choice of destination for students in India.

The diversity makes it an enriching academic and professional experience in the country. IILM is a Champion of “Principles of Responsible Management Education” (PRME), which is part of a programme called ‘Global Compact’ by The United Nations. This is the guiding principle in the overall mission to create responsible managers through innovative and engaging management education.

ILM University has been established to take forward the above mission in the field of education and create an innovative platform for liberal education. The University provides students a unique opportunity to engage in cross disciplinary learning. The students have a huge choice of subjects and streams to choose from. The concept of liberal education, helps the students to discover their passion, develop criticial thinking and form congent arguments. Liberal education caters to the learning needs of the future. 

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